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Top 7 Father's Day Gifts for Health-Conscious Dads

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Father's day gift

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for the health-conscious man in your life? Fitness watches are SO last year! We have compiled a list for you of the hottest new wearable tech gadgets to show Dad just how much you care!


As wearable technology gets smaller, smarter, and more affordable, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are turning to smart devices to help track their workouts and provide insight into their overall health. Sure, we've all seen the step counters and fitness watches. But most of these devices are best suited for runners or cardio machine addicts. If the Dad in your life is into more serious training,read on for the latest and greatest gadgets to help him take his training to the next level.

For Dads who love to swim
Check out the FINIS Neptune Duo Underwater MP3 Player! This cool gadget is like underwater headphones, but so much cooler! Bone conduction audio transmission technology means that the music literally gets in his head without the use of earbuds. Waterproof rated for 3 meters and 30 minutes, and the included 4GB of storage can handle a whopping 1000 songs from his classic rock collection.

For Dads who powerlift
Dads who prefer to put in serious reps at the gym will appreciate the Atlas Wristband2. This awesome digital trainer and heart rate band automatically recognizes over 100 different exercises, including calisthenics and weight lifting, and records reps and essential data to sync with the Atlas smartphone app. It can even coach Dad on his form! Seriously cool!

For Dads who love to run
Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks might be just what he needs! These socks are specially designed with runners in mind. They include a magnetic anklet sensor that pairs with the Sensoria mobile app to guide Dad with real-time audio cues while he runs. The sensor tracks not only speed, calories, steps and distance, but also cadence and foot landing technique to help prevent common running-style injuries.

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For Dads who like to bike
Dads who prefer to hit the road on two wheels will love the LINX Smart Cycling Helmet. This nifty helmet utilizes bone conduction audio to bring Dad's tunes from his smartphone to his inner ear without wires and ear buds so that his eyes, ears, and hands are free. Syncs with all phone audio, including music, voice calls, and even his GPS, all while ensuring his ears are free to listen to the sounds of traffic around him. The LINX Smart Cycling Helmet also syncs with the Coros Smartphone App, so he can save and share his favorite rides and routes.

For Dads who biathlon
If the dad in your life likes to mix it up outside, and doesn't want to be bothered with multiple tracking devices, consider the Sportiiii. This innovative tracker clips to his favorite pair of sunglasses, and provides a heads-up display for instant performance feedback without having to take his eyes off the road. The Sportiiii works alongside the companion smartphone app to allow Dad to set and adjust his training goals for running and bicycling, and can even work in conjunction with his heartrate monitor to precisely tailor his training.

For Dads who love cardio
Dads who really enjoy pushing it to the limit will appreciate these Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones. The super-comfortable wireless earbuds provide in-ear heart rate updates and customized coaching to improve performance. Of course, these headphones sync with his smartphone via bluetooth to listen to all his favorite tunes.

For recovery after the workout
Everyone knows that after a hard workout, our bodies need good nutrition and hydration for ultimate recovery and muscle building. Give Dad an easy way to feed his body's needs in style with the Umoro One shaker bottle. This handy bottle allows Dad to store his protein supplement powder separately from the liquid, and dispense it with the push of a button when he is ready to mix it all up.

Every one of us deserves to live our very best life, and we all do even better with the support of those we love. Show the Dad in your life just how proud you are of the work he puts in each and every day to be healthy and happy--not only on Father's Day--but every day of the year!