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New Smart Crib Claims it Helps Babies Fall Asleep, But at What Cost?

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New smart crib helps babies fall asleep

There’s a new baby gadget hitting the market soon. This one claims that it can help colicky, cranky, crying babies fall asleep—and go back to sleep on their own—so that new moms and dads can get more rest. But the reaction from the public is mixed.


The Snoo helps babies fall asleep.

We all know that the first weeks with a newborn can be challenging. They eat, poop, and cry—a lot—and moms and dads can feel a little desperate at times to get them to sleep. Well, there’s a new smart crib in town that is hoping to make those sleepless nights a thing of the past.

Dubbed the “SNOO”, this new take on the bedside bassinet is created by the folks at Happiest Baby, Inc. They claim that the crib mimics the natural movement and sounds that the baby was used to in the womb, providing comfort and security to allow the baby to fall asleep. The SNOO is able to sense when the baby is crying and ramps up movement and white noise to shush the baby to sleep without mom or dad’s help.

Take a look:

Mixed reaction

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This video went viral on facebook this week, and the reaction from parents was not very positive. Many commenters said the crib seemed to be trying to replace the parents’ one-on-one time with the baby, and goes against a baby’s natural need to be held. One mom said, “Don't people like to cuddle anymore? Midnight feeds were my favorite!!! Tired (yes) but just her and I. No interruptions! Just watching her be sweet. I had to hold my baby for an hour after every feed... and I still loved it.” Another commented, “Or...OR.... you could hold them. They tend to thrive off of actual love.”

Others felt like the device was entirely too futuristic and sci-fi like. One mom commented, “This crib will be used when our society progresses to mass-producing babies with IVF and incubators and the institutions that house these newborns (until they are placed in homes) will have these cribs in rows in one large room with a few nurses/attendants walking around, placing bottles in the babies' mouths (hooked to a bottle holder, of course)”

Even so, other parents noted that their experience with their own colicky babies was so difficult, they would have been thrilled to have this. Wrote one such mom, “If you have never had a colicky baby, you'll never understand what a lifesaver something like this is. I wish they had this when my youngest son was a baby.”

Available soon

The SNOO is not yet available in stores, but can be pre-ordered on the website for $1,160 USD. As of this date, the manufacturer is offering a $300 discount code, but it is unclear how long this pricing will be available.

Sound off

So what do you think? Would you consider a smart device like the SNOO?? Have you dealt with a crying or colicky baby in the past? What methods did you use to soothe your baby? Let us know in the comments section below.