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Vegans rejoice: Walmart wants more vegan products available on its shelves

Dill mashrooms and tomato

The vegan movement is truly gaining strength worldwide, as the percentages of vegans increase in each nation, so does the demand for plant based products. The growth in demand is so intense that Walmart wants more vegan products available on its shelves.


WALMARTNEWSNOW reported that the retail giant is asking its suppliers to keep up and make more vegan products available, and this because there is a growing demand for plant based – foods. These news come just after the release of a study by the California Walnut Board, which found that Eighty-three percent of Americans are open to making meatless dishes, particularly if they have a similar taste and texture to meat-centric dishes.

Is the growing knowledge of the nutritional value of certain foods, the only factor driving the growth of veganism?

It could well be that the growing knowledge of the nutritional value of plant based foods, is what is driving the growth of veganism and forcing retailers to keep up by making more vegan products available. But, media reports show there is more to the growing vegan trend.

Not that long ago, CNN reported that a survey of over 5000 people, found that 61.5 percent of its participants reported using the nutrition facts panel when deciding to purchase food. While another survey reported that Americans lack basic nutrition knowledge, recent reports show a clear shift in the dietary habits of many Americans, with veganism increasing 500% in the USA alone, over the last 3 years.

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However, there is another shift occurring as veganism explodes worldwide, because people are not only demanding more vegan products available in food retailers, they are also demanding that their everyday basic necessities be composed of 100% vegan products. Forbes reported that due to increased demand from animal protection groups, the fashion industry is creating a major movement away from fur, leather and down, as well as endangered skins. This trend of going 100% may also be driven by a large number of vegans who decided to go meat free to stand against animal cruelty. A good example of that is the positive responses to an article Peta released, estimating how many animals would be saved yearly by each person who decided to go vegan.

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