Using chlorine to treat water may carry cancer risks. So what can you do to protect yourself?

chlorine and cancer risk

Most countries worldwide disinfect their water with a chemical called chlorine. Treating water is a common practice to avoid waterborne diseases or parasitical infestations. However using chlorine to treat water is causing more harm than good in the long run, according to studies.


The problem is that when chlorine is added to water reservoirs, it chemically reacts with other organic compounds and forms what is called trihalomethanes (THM's). The most common THM compounds are dibromochloromethane (CHClBr ), bromoform 2 (CHBr ), chloroform (CHCl ), and dichlorobro- 33, momethane (CHCl Br). The sum of these compounds is referred to as Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs).

It is well known that bromodichloromethane, is mutagenic, which alters DNA and is also carcinogenic, while high concentrations of chloroform causes cancer and high concentrations of bromoform and dibromochloromethane slows down the normal brain activities and causes sleepiness.

Using chlorine to treat water has also been linked with infertility, and the main types of cancers caused by its by products were: colon, bladder, rectum cancers and leukemia.

While using chlorine to treat water has benefits, it also has quite serious drawbacks in the long run, but what can people do to minimise their exposure to Chlorine’s by products (trihalomethanes )?

There are many ways you can protect yourself from chlorine treated water. Bellow are some options:

1) If buying water or installing a filtering system is not possible, boiling the water is effective in killing viruses, bacteria and parasites. Boiling for 20 minutes will dechlorinate water.


2) Alternatively you can Use vitamin C tablets to dechlorinate water. Dechlorination tablets work well for bathwater and hot tubs.

3) Avoid long showers. Thus, limiting your contact with chlorine treated water!

4) Consume a clean diet. One that cleanses the body and blood of pro inflammatory compounds that may cause cancer. The 3 best natural food consumption habits, as far as research goes, are:

Include curcumin ( turmeric) in your cooking, because it is Chemopreventive and anti-inflamatory

Eat bananas, because they are antioxidants and have been found to inhibit the growth of colon cancer

Make sure you have a balanced intake of omega 3, either through supplementation or through foods, because research has shown that it attenuates the growth of colonic, pancreatic, prostate, and breast cancer.

Consume plant derived products that fight parasitical infestation like Myrrh and Artemisia annua


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