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Testimonies of two women who decided to go vegan for a month

Going vegan for a month

Before deciding to go vegan, there are a number of questions that go through people’s heads. The first is: what am I going to eat, if I cut all animal products? The answer to that is: everything else you would normally eat, paired with the animal product of your choice. The second question is what do I gain personally for going vegan? And the answer to that, is in the testimonies of the two women below, who decided to go vegan for a month.


Recently, two women who do not know each another decided to go vegan, both of them for different reasons. Below are their testimonies and what they felt when they decided to go vegan for a month.

Maggie Kelly, an Australian freelance writer, who shared some of her experiences of going vegan on instagram, said she had to copy with a lot of negative attention for going vegan. She said her reason for going vegan, was that she wanted give her body a chance to recover from her ‘dreadful diet.’

Charlotte Turner, Herald health reporter, ditched everything animal and became an adept of the vegan diet, by joining veganuary a campaign, which aims to get people to ditch animal products for the month of January and see how they feel afterwards.

What challenges did the women face after they decided to go vegan for a month?

Maggie Kelly had a very different experience socially speaking, compared to Turner who did not feel any outside pressure over her choice of going vegan for a month. Kelly shared that she felt a lot of pressure she was not expecting. She said:

“… I was shocked when friends who I know and love made no qualms about speaking up on their view of veganism. “Vegans are assholes,” they said. My friends were calling me an asshole, just because I was choosing chickpeas over cheeseburgers. “…everyone was furious.”

For Charlotte the hardest part was planning a varied, nutritious meal. But, having a vegetarian boyfriend helped with such a task she revealed. She said: "Having a vegetarian partner had its advantages – by Wednesday night [of week 1] I was wondering what else we could eat. It’s fair to say I was underwhelmed when the other half announced we were having a bean salad for tea - but it was so delicious and had a load of different flavours that I didn’t miss putting a ton of cheese on it as I would usually do."

Physical and mental changes

Both women noticed physical and mental changes almost immediately.

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Charlotte said that by week 2 of her deciding to go vegan for a month, she could notice she wasn't half as moody as usual. “I felt much more confident, enthusiastic and positive. I’m a massive pessimist and always focus on problems which could crop up, but my rationality seemed more clear”. Overall, she added: “My energy was up, I hadn't had an occasion where I'd felt really heavy and bloated from food, and I was throwing myself into activities more than I did before”.

Kelly had similar results, and was astounded by the changes. She said: “ …within days I had more energy, I was consciously choosing what I put into my body, and I was even slowing down my breakneck routine to ensure I had time to cook three square meals a day. My skin was glowing, my eyes were bright, and I was full of energy.”

Was daily routine easy after deciding to go vegan for a month?

For Kelly, veganism was easy. She said it was all a big surprise because she was prepared to spend the month as a vegan, feeling hungry and glamorously thin. “ But [I ] was surprised to find out how much you can actually eat. Rather than sacrificing my favourite foods, I was eating more than ever,” she added.

Charllote took two weeks to really get into the meal planning and figuring it out what to eat. After that, things got very easy. She said, the way she simplified her vegan for a month challenge, was by getting into a routine of having a rough meal plan.

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