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The scientifically proven benefits of eating apples frequently

The scientifically proven benefits of eating apples

Folklore advocates: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and science confirms that there is a lot of truth to that phrase. But, Why exactly should you be eating apples frequently?


Apples are packed with many compounds that are extremely beneficial for human health, such as antioxidants, flavonoids and sorbitol.


Eating apples frequently will fill your body with antioxidants, which are substances that are able to inhibit the oxidation of cells or in other words, inhibit the process of human cells rusting or becoming damaged. Therefore, eating apples frequently can prevent or retard the development of diseases like cancer, and this is because of its nutritional components.

Certain antioxidants found in apple were observed to also reduce the incidence of Asthma and increase pulmonary health and function.

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Flavonoids are a diverse group of phytonutrients, which have been proven in a Finnish study to reduce the risks of chronic diseases like diabetes. Even, apple’s cider vinegar has been found to be beneficial in treating diabetes type 2, because it regulates blood sugar levels. Dried apples have also been reported to reduce cholesterol in postmenopausal women.


Constipation in children is resolved by increasing the intake of fruits or vegetables that are rich in sorbitol ( a nonabsorbable carbohydrate), found in apple. This is because sorbitol increases water content and frequency of stools. Sorbitol may be useful as an alternative to sugar for people with diabetes as it significantly reduces the rise in blood glucose and the insulin response associated with the ingestion of glucose.

Because of its antioxidant activities and flavonoids compounds, apples could even rival fish in terms of its health related benefits, which is good news for vegetarians seeking the benefits of omega 3 fatty (known antioxidants) commonly found in fish.

Clearly, there many scientifically proven benefits that may convince you that eating apples frequently is the way to go. But, its important to remember that overall health can only be achieved by a balanced diet, based on nutrition. So, when starting your apple daily eating, think of all the nutritional goodness entering your body and enjoy!