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Roblox is being used to sexualise children, according to recent reports

Roblox is being used to sexualise children, according to recent reports

Roblox is a multiplayer online social gaming platform published in 2006, as of 2016 Roblox has more than 30 million active monthly players and though it was designed to be family friendly, players can add other people in the game to their friends list, and this is where the problem lies. Because, according to recent reports, Roblox is being used to sexualise children.


Warnings have been issued by child protection agencies, and parents worldwide in regards to this very popular game called Roblox. This is because Roblox’s popular feature of adding other gamers from anywhere around the world, is being used to sexualise children. Below are recent reports that will make parents and carers squirm.


In february 2017, The Canadian Centre for Child Protection warned parents following reports of sexually suggestive messages being sent through the popular Roblox children's gaming environment. The centre says it has received reports about requests to meet in person and sexually suggestive chat messages being sent to children under the age of 12 within Roblox.


Australian cyber safety expert Susan McLea told ABC Radio Darwin that the news report came as no surprise. Adding:"I have already had children in Australia report inappropriate interactions in this game."

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A primary school head teacher in Audenshaw, near Manchester, has warned parents about the dangers of allowing their children to use the Roblox app, as it allows them to be contacted by millions of strangers.

In another article, Iain Morrison, a former Hull Kingston Rovers rugby league star, said his lad received 'sickening' questions and was urged to perform sex acts in 'virtual bedrooms' in the social gaming platform.

Also from the UK, a mother was left horrified when her 6 year old daughter was targeted by perverts in the online game. She has shed a light on how Roblox is being to sexualise children. She posted in her social media profile, the messages unknown people had sent to her daughter. One message was of a man wanting the child to call him “daddy,” and another of a man asking if he could visit her in her house.


In the US, the nbcNewYork reported that a 8 year old boy was reportedly groomed by sexual predators while playing roblox. The mother from Louisiana was disturbed after she read the messages her son had exchanged with another player. She told nbc: "At the beginning [the alleged predator] portrayed himself like a child. But, the conversations escalated with questions about the boy’s school, his home address.

Online gaming is one of the various Ways pedophiles groom children, and with so much disturbing evidence that Roblox is being to sexualise children. It is important for parents and carers to understand that parental guidance and overseeing what children are doing are very important, in order to protect them from other dangerous online fads like the suicidal blue whale challenge. You may also want to read how violent games can set off aggression in kids, and how grown men are being mentally and physically affected by gaming addiction.



ROBLOX does not have predators, predators eat stuff, these people are called PEDOPHILES or RAPISTS, NOT "Predators"
well, I think all terms can be applied when referring to people who abuse children
Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Do you think this is Roblox's fault? No, no it is not! First off, you're on the internet, there is going to be dangerous stuff on there obviously. Second, did you enable parental lock or parental pin or account restrictions? No? Well then stop complaining because ROBLOX made a solution.
clearly a gamer. Do you have children? Most parents of their 30s with children will not even know how to set up a game, perhaps if you are under 25 and no children you will, and that is great. But, most people don't. While parental watch is paramount here, there is still NOT a certainty that PEDOS won't log in pretending to be children, and how will ROBLOX sort that out??? Parents, specially those who don't understanding settings in videogames, need to be alerted to either learn how to put a parental lock or stop their children from playing it