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A plant- based diet will provide all the nutrition you need and make you healthier, according to science

A plant- based diet will provide all the nutrition you need and make you healthier, according to science

You don’t need any longer to try guessing, what sort of dietary habits will provide all the nutrition you need for optimal health. Because, there is enough scientific evidence that, a more plant- based diet will provide all the nutrition you need, make you healthier and less prone to developing chronic diseases. Here is what science says and how this is impacting society.


What does science say about a plant- based diet?

In the Nutritional update for physicians on plant-based diets, there is a compelling amount of evidence about how a plant base diet will make you healthier, as less meat and more fruits and vegetables have been proven to prevent and manage diabetes, reduce heart disease risk and high blood pressure.

Recently, it has been reported that a vegan diet may help fibromyalgia patients, whom followed a raw vegetarian diet that consisted of fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts, seeds and tubers. In addition to that, a team of Korean scientists, concluded, through a study, that a 12 week vegetarian diet improves bowel habits reduces stress and increases nutritional status.

Another study found that “vegetarian and vegan diets increase beneficial plant foods and plant constituents, eliminate the intake of red and processed meat, and aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. The direct and indirect evidence taken together suggests that vegetarian diets are a useful strategy for reducing risk of cancer.” Other evidence suggests that Multiple Sclerosis patients also benefic from a plant – based diet.

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How is all this knowledge on nutrition impacting society?

This sort of scientific findings and knowledge on nutrition is clearly impacting society, as modern communication tools enable us to spread and share knowledge all around the world at fast pace. The results of such "nutritional knowledge diffusion" can be seen in the numbers of people becoming vegetarians or vegans. For example: The Guardian reported last year that the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade, and more people are into it because of Instagram.

But, the numbers keep growing worldwide, with pretty impressive numbers of people in USA, New Zealand and Germany understanding that a more plant- based diet will provide all the nutrition you need. In the US Veganism has grown 500% since 2014, in New Zealand Vegetarianism has grown 27 percent in the past five years and in Germany nearly 10 percent of its population going meatless, making it nation with the highest rate of vegetarianism compared to its European neighbors, and even surpasses Brazil (8 percent) and Israel (8.5 percent), according to the NGO known as the European Vegetarian Union.

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