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The one vegan food that is not often used but is packed with nutrition

The one vegan food that is not often used but is packed with nutrition

Barley is a vegan food that is not often used but is packed with nutrition, ideal for human optimal health. According to reports, this grain’s yearly production has been in decline in recent years, unlike other cereal crops, mainly due to slackened demand from beer and cattle-feed makers. But, while barley is mostly used to feed livestock, this grain’s many nutrients do provide many health benefits and should be used in cooking more often. Find out more below.


Barley in the news

It has been reported that in the last two decades, the harvest area used for barley production has been declining from more than 80 million ha to around 55 million ha, and this may be caused because barley was replaced by commercially more attractive corn and feed wheat in the feed mix. This grain is mainly used to feed livestock and also used for malt production. However, The growth of malting barley demand has not been proportional to growth in beer production, and this may be the cause why barley prices drifted lower by Rs 20 per quintal at the wholesale grains market.

So, why is barley the one vegan food that is not often used, and why should people eat more barley?

Perhaps, the fact that the market dictates where barley is to be used is what causes people not consider barley as a staple food for cooking. But that could be changed, if people understood this grain can provide many health benefits. Some of the health benefits of consuming barley are: 1) barley is packed with phenolic coumpounds 2) barley is packed with nutrients 3) barley is rich in fiber

1) barley is packed with phenolic coumpounds

The importance of phenolic compounds in human health is well known because the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of these compounds, found in barley, exert preventive activity against infectious and degenerative diseases, inflammation and allergies via antioxidant, antimicrobial and proteins/enzymes neutralization/modulation mechanisms. Phenolic compounds are reactive metabolites in a wide range of plant-derived foods and mainly divided in four groups: phenolic acids, flavonoids, stilbenes and tannins. They work as terminators of free radicals and chelators of metal ions that are capable of catalyzing lipid oxidation.

2) barley is packed with nutrients

According to Draxe.com, about one cup of cooked hulled barley (157g), provides:

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217 Calories
About 1 gram fat
10 grams fiber
7 grams protein
45 grams carbohydrates
1 mg manganese (60%)
23 mg selenium (42%)
0.3 mg copper (34%)
0.4 mg vitamin B1 (33%)
162 mg phosphorus (23%)
80 mg magnesium (20%)
8 mg vitamin B3 (18%)
3.2 mg niacin
0.1 mg thiamin
0.2 mg viatamin b6
0.1 mg riboflavin
25.1 mg folate
1.3 mg vitamin k
0.2 mg patothenic
21.0 mg choline
11.0 IU vitamin A
87.9 mg lutein+zeaxanthin

3) barley is rich in fiber

Barley is packed with dietary fiber, which will give your intestinal health a boost. In addition to providing bulk and decreasing the transit time of fecal matter. This is possible because dietary fiber plays a role in gut health and is linked with lower body weight.

With all the nutrition this grain offers, barley should not be a vegan food that is not often used, as only for its nutritional content, it might be worthwhile incorporating barley to cooking.

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