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Natural ways to treat thyroid dysfunction and improve the life of Autistic children

natural ways to improve the life of autistic children!

Thyroid dysfunction is frequently found in children with autism. A recent research suggested that the reason for that is because autistic children have a higher expression of Frα (Folate receptor α), during the early prenatal period, although expression decreases significantly in later gestation and postnatal thyroid tissue. The high expression of FRα in the early foetal thyroid, suggests that foetal and neonatal exposure to maternal FRααs could affect the development of the thyroid and may contribute to the pathology in autism. But, there are natural ways to treat thyroid dysfunction and improve the life of Autistic children.


The thyroid is an extremely important gland, because it secrets hormones responsible for metabolic rate and protein synthesis. Therefore if the thyroid is not working to its capacity, there are issues that may manifest, such as: allergies, gastrointestinal inflammation and even behavioural issues.

Interestingly, autistic children have been found to have a protein synthesis dysfunction, and that may be the reason why studies have discovered a propensity to an immune reactivity to dietary proteins (allergic reaction), which may be associated with dietary protein Intolerance and gastrointestinal inflammation (GI). In addition, gastrointestinal inflammation has been shown to have an effect in the behavioural traits found in autistic children.

What are some natural ways treat thyroid dysfunction and improve the life of Autistic children?

The best to ways to treat thyroid dysfunction and improve the life of autistic children is to isolate each issue that affects the diagnosed child, and holistically tackle it. This is because as one system is regulated, the others will slowly follow suit. Here are four ways to treat thyroid dysfunction and improve the life of autistic children, which may lead to a reduction of autistic related traits.

1) Tackle thyroid function

There are many ways Thyroid function can be normalized! It can be done via nutrition and use of essential oils.

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Many studies have revealed that for the thyroid to function properly, especially in pregnancy, there is a need for an adequate nutritional intake of Iodine foods such as: cramberries, yogurt, navy beans and other foods.

Essential oils like Nigella Sativa have been shown to have an effect in regulating thyroid hormones.

2) Tackle food intolerances

A randomized trial of 80 children has found that autistic children may benefit from a gluten free diet, because its been shown to be effective in controlling gastrointestinal symptoms and autism related behaviors. However, before starting your child on a gluten free diet, it is best to test your child for allergies to specific foods. This can be done via hair tests, DNA swabs or prick test. Also, it is beneficial to consult a nutritionist to avoid malnutrition.

3) Heal the gut

Though there have been many controversies over the gut/ brain connection that leads to autism like symptoms. Recent research has shed a light on the definite link between gastrointestinal disturbances and the brain, leading to a diagnosis of autism. So, focusing on healing the gut will most certainly benefit the child. Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial in restoring the gut flora.

4) BE patient and stick to it!

There are many issues that a child may face if she/he suffers from autism. But, remember that autism is a name given to a number of physiological, behavioural, cognitive and psychological manifestations in a person. Such manifestations may categorize an individual under the diagnosis of autism. Therefore, treat one thing at a time, with persistency, patiency and you will see the results.