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Leukemia cancer cells inhibited by olive leaf extract, according to new studies

olive leaf extract inhibits proliferation of leukemia cancer cells

Different leukemia cancer cell lines were tested against multiple varieties of olive leaf extract, and the results are promising.


A Tunisian study investigated the use of olive leaf extract on Leukemia HL-60 Cells. Scientists were astounded to find that in 48 hours, leukemia cancer cells were observed to stop proliferating once exposed to four types of Tunisian olive varieties named: Ch├ętoui, Gerboui, Sayali,Zarrazi. But, even more efficient were the Tunisian olive varieties named Chemchali, Chemlali and Zalmati, because their extracts significantly curbed leukemia cancer cells proliferation in just 19 hours.

Another study using Leukemia cancer cell line K562, found that Chemlali Olive Leaf Extract inhibits K562 cells proliferation and arrests the cell cycle. Further analysis revealed that Chemlali Olive Leaf Extract induces apoptosis(cell death) and differentiation of K562 cells toward the monocyte lineage.

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Monocytes are mononuclear circulating phagocytes(a type of cell within the body capable of engulfing and absorbing bacteria and other small cells and particles). These cells originate in the bone marrow and give rise to macrophages (white blood cells) in peripheral tissue.

What enables Olive Leaf extract to inhibit the proliferation of Leukemia cancer cells?

Researchers have identified that within the olive leaf extract, there are phytochemical compounds like oleuropein phenols and flavonoids, which have strong antioxidant potency and inhibit cancer and endothelial cell proliferation at low micromolar concentrations. Oleuropein specifically has been shown to inhibit cancer cells proliferation, and induce cancer cell apoptosis (cell death).