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Jamie Oliver’s views on veganism that will surprise you

Vegan Meal

Jamie Oliver is an english celebrity chef, well known for his non- vegetarian dishes that express the soul of British cuisine. Recently, he was interviewed by Tim 'Livewire' Shieff Official in a ski resort, in which he spoke about growing vegan movement and the benefits of this diet. So, below are Jamie Oliver’s views on veganism that will surprise you.


Last year, The Guardian reported, that the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade. So, with the growing number of vegans in the UK, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has expressed what he thinks of veganism in an video interview released by Tim 'Livewire' Shieff Official.

The casual interview lasted about 4 minutes where Tim chats with Jamie Oliver, excerpt below:

Jamie Oliver’s starts by saying: “ the veggie vegan thing is really important thing for me. I think some people say you just got on it. But, I think I have gotten better at explaining it, and I don’t feel embarrassed about talking about vegetarianism.”

The interviewer, who is clearly a friend of Oliver, explained that the celebrity chef goes to a nutrition school one time a week for 3 hours. To which comment Oliver adds that he has gone back to school, but not only that, because every month he also meets one of the worlds specialists in carbs, fats, sugars and proteins.

Then, Jamie Oliver’s views on veganism are expressed fully nearly half way the interview when he says:

“Their diets are looking good, If you are a good vegetarian or vegan, its looking good” ... "Just from a disease point of view … as far as some of the biggest cancers and killers in the world … If you look at big populations, mindful vegan [and] vegetarian diets are looking really good at the moment, and your average meat consumers are looking really poor. So, I think there are lessons on both sides.”

As the interview continues, Oliver explains that he believes there are lessons on both sides, because there are some unhealthy vegetarians and vegans. So he thinks there is a place in the middle for everyone to learn more, and have a healthier and longer life.

He explains that in his view, a vegan diet can be a bit more challenging because you have to be more knowledgeable of what you are eating. He added that “in all seriousness I’ve been really inspired by the quality of the veggie, vegan community on [the latest] blogs [and] books …”

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Oliver also explained that he thinks being a hardcore vegan, veggie is really good. But, in his view, if vegans truly care about their beliefs, then they should open and build stepping stones to people that maybe want to try vegan two – three days a week.

Jamie Oliver’s views on veganism have been questioned since 2014, when a member of his team, took part in "vegan week" in time for World Vegan month. Since, then Oliver has campaigned for healthier food for British school children by launching his Feed Me Better campaign, and posting vegan recipes on his personal website.

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