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Jackfruit could save the world from hunger and here is why

Jackfruit could save the world from hunger and here is why

Jackfruit could save the world from hunger because of its sheer size and nutritional value, both of which have been reported about through out the years. It is a well known and popular fruit used in Asia, but is yet to conquer the hearts of westerners. So, if you want know more about Jackfruit, its nutritional contents and why Jackfruit could save the world from hunger, read on.


The size of jackfruit makes it an attractive crop for those seeking to solve the growing issue of food demand, because a single jackfruit can weigh up to 35kg, which allows many to be fed at once. It grows plentifully in South – East Asia and is widely used in asian cuisine. But what makes this fruit so special are its nutritional contents, so read on for some facts on why Jackfruit could save the world from hunger, not only by its size but by its incredible nutritional value

Jackfruit's nutritional facts

According to NutritionAndYou, jackfruit is a good source of

Dietary fiber, flavonoids and vitamin A, Vitamin C, it is rich in a B-complex group of vitamins, protein, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and iron. This alone could solve the growing nutritional deficiencies seen worldwide.

It is low in calories and is filling

With only 95 calories per 100 grams, jackfruit can be an ideal food for weight loss plus its been reported that by eating 10 or 12 bulbs of this fruit, you won’t need to eat for another half a day.

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Rise in food demand

Another issue that could be tackled with investing in jackfruit crops and commerce is the rise in food demand, because with a world pollution pushing to over 7.5 billion, there is a need to invest in crops that can deliver in yield and nutrition. Jackfruit is the perfect crop for such task because it is drought-resistant, survives pests, diseases, high temperatures. These attributes granted jackfruit the title of miracle crop by researchers and birthed the idea that jackfruit could save the world from hunger.

Jackfruit is an excellent vegan replacement to meat

The ripe jackfruit is sweet and widely used in curries and desserts in Asia, but green jackfruit (unripe) has not developed its sugars and it can be used to make anything, even a vegan 'pulled pork' dish. This attribute is granting jackfruit a high position in the realm of vegetarian “meat substitutes."” Recently, two U.S. companies started selling heat-and-serve pouches of pre-seasoned, prepared green jackfruit, and according to reports, jackfruit and a meat substitute is slowly taking off.

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