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Get rid of parasitical infestation with this ancient oil

parasitical infestation

Myrrh oil has been mentioned in ancient texts and has been used by many non- western cultures for thousands of years. Recent clinical trials have unveiled that the reason for that, is because Myrrh oil has healing properties, something ancient cultures knew all along.


Researchers have found that humans and animals can benefit from consuming Myrrh oil to combat parasitic infestations, which are known to cause psychiatric illnesses, chronic immune illnesses and even death in more severe cases .

A recent study on rabbits infected with 1000 parasite sporulated oocysts, analised the effects of using crude myrrh suspension and mirazid (myrrh oil in the form of a gelatinous capsule ). It was found that both treatments resulted in significant recovery of infected rabbits from all symptoms of infection compared to the untreated infected group, and healthy control groups. The results indicated that mirazid was more effective than crude myrrh, probably due to higher content of purified active ingredients.

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In another research, scientists studied the effects of mirazid on patients suffering from heterophyiasis, an infectious disease caused by a very small intestinal flatworm or fluke. The 50 subjects were given two capsules for 9 successive days on an empty stomach an hour before breakfast. There was a clear parasitological improvement with 47 out of 50 patients completely cured. Another course was given to the three patients who were still infected, but only two of them were cured (66.7%). The overall cure rate was 49/50 (98%) and there was no side effect.

A more comprehensive clinical trial on Mirazid has tested the effectiveness of this Myrrh oil extract in two parasitical infestations: schistosomiasis mansoni and fascioliasis.

In this clinical trial, 21 children with fascioliasis (8 males and 13 females) and 8 children with schistosomiasis mansoni (6 males and 2 females) were treated with Mirazid and 10 healthy children were utilized as controls. Subjects were given 10 mg/kg/d of Mirazid an hour before breakfast for 3 consecutive days in schistosomiasis, and six days in fascioliasis. Following that, each patient’s blood and stool samples were tested at 2, 4 and 12 weeks post treatment. This treatment had an incredible parasitologic cure rate, with 90.9% in fascioliasis and 100% in schistosomiasis at 4 weeks post treatment. After a second dose Fasciola patients who remained positive were cured.

It is important to know that Myrrh oil is non-irritant and non-sensitizing, but could be toxic in high dosage and should not be used in pregnancy, as it can act as a uterine stimulant. So, the best way is to consult an aromatherapist for correct dosage or a licensed provider that offers good quality products.