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Foods that will cure leg cramps naturally

Foods that will cure leg cramps naturally

A cramp is a sudden, severe, and involuntary muscle contraction or over-shortening; can cause mild-to-excruciating pain, and a paralysis-like immobility. It is frequent in people who exercise frequently, pregnant women and those with certain vitamin deficiencies. But, there are foods that will cure leg cramps naturally.


It has been reported that one of the signs that you are deficient of Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are leg cramps. While there have been controversies on whether magnesium is indeed able to reduce cramps, other studies have asserted its effectiveness. However, calcium and potassium are widely advocated as vitamins that must be balanced within your body, in order to cure leg cramps naturally.

Therefore, the foods that will cure leg cramps naturally must be rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. Some of the foods rich in these vitamins are as follows:

Magnesium rich foods

Magnesium is an important vitamin to be kept at optimal levels for overall health, as it has been reported it may reduce risk of stroke, treat depression and alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

According to Authority Nutrition, some magnesium rich foods are: Dark chocolate, avocados, nuts, legumes, tofu bananas and leafy greens

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calcium rich foods

Calcium, acquired from non- dairy sources has been reported to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, and also help prevent fractures.

The article 11 vegetarian calcium rich foods for those allergic to milk, has a comprehensive list of foods rich in calcium, that will help you will cure leg cramps naturally, and it also included the amounts needed to be consumed daily. Some of the foods rich in calcium include: collard greens, frozen, broccolli rabe, kale, bok choy, fresh broccoli, figs, orange, tahini, almonds, garbanso beans and black beans.

potassium rich foods

Potassium is as important as the two vitamins above to cure leg craps naturally, and likewise if potassium is in its optimal levels, it has been reported to normalise blood pressure, and also reduce stroke risk. Some of the foods rich in potassium include: apricots, Artichoke, Banana, Beans (lima, baked navy), beef, ground, beets, raw or cooked, brussels sprouts, cantaloupe and dates.

Magnesium, calcium, and potassium will not only cure leg cramps naturally, but also are needed for optimal health, as pointed above. For another natural approach to cure leg cramps naturally, you may want to read how mustard help your leg cramps and how hydration is important before and after exercise, as regular physical activity has also been linked to recurrent leg craps.