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Atherosclerosis risk linked to the Herpes virus. So, what can you do to keep your heart in shape?

Heart disease linked to re-activation of herpes virus. What can you do to keep your heart in shape?

In a meta - analysis of 17 studies, it was found that patients which carry Herpes virus type 1 and type 2 are at high risk of developing Atherosclesosis, which is a disease of the heart arteries characterized by the deposition of fatty material on their inner walls.


In another study on acute coronary syndrome, a disease resultant from the progression of atherosclerosis. It was found that the re-activation of the herpes virus is associated with the arterial rupture caused by the worsening of artherosclerosis, which leads to acute coronary syndrome.

Herpes virus type 1 and type 2 are found in about 90% of the world’s population. It can cause many unpleasant symptoms when the carrier’s immunity is low. But, there are ways in which you can Naturally reduce your Atherosclerosis risk, such as: keep a strong immunity, find out which antiviral plants and plant derived products can help you, and consume foods that will keep your arteries healthy.

keep a strong immunity

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There is not enough that can be said about how important a person’s immunity is. This is because the immune system is the first barrier, in cellular terms, that will counter any foreign substance, bacteria or virus that enters your body. Foods like blackberry, strawberry, raspberry pomegranade and walnuts are high in antioxidants, they have been extensively studied studied and their anti - oxidative activities in the body, have been proven to maintain a strong immunity.

Find out which antiviral plants and plant derived products that can help you

Many plants and herbs are rich in phytochemicals like terpenoids and saponis, and this is what enables their antiviral capabilities. For example: powdered Neem tree leaves were rated extremely efficient against herpes virus activity. This was demonstrated in a recent study that showed the efficacy of many plants in herpes related viral activities. There have been other reports on the efficacy of essential oils against infections related to herpes virus type 1 and type 2.

consume foods that will keep your arteries healthy.

If you are a carrier of herpes virus type 1 or type 2 like most of the world’s population. To reduce the atherosclerosis risk, means eating food for nutrition and consuming plants and herbs for medicinal purpose. So, in order to keep your arteries healthy, a diet rich in saponins is advised as it reduces the concentration of cholesterol in aortic intima-plus-media and in the liver. Plants like aspargus root have been widely used for thousands of years in India for heart issues, and have recently shown to increased bile acid production, elimination of excess cholesterol and elevation of hepatic antioxidant status in hypercholesteremic conditions.