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3 ways the fast growing telemedicine practice benefits those with busy lives

3 ways the fast growing telemedicine practice benefits those with busy lives

Forbes reported that virtual consults with patients is going to double by 2020. The reason for that, is that millenials are a generation that puts other things before health, as they feel they are too busy, according to an article by the International Business Times. So, if you find yourself in a “too busy” predicament, you will want to read the 3 ways the fast growing telemedicine practice benefits those with busy lives.


We’ve all been there, in a moment where we are sick but were too busy to book a consultation with the GP or have been trying to find time to take our elderly parents for a much needed visit to the doctor. Then, we turn to google and while it brings lots of valuable information, it cannot give us a correct diagnosis that a doctor will be able to. This virtual consultation trend is good news for doctors that are expanding their services, and offering virtual clinics that cover both: face-to-face care and also virtual appointments.

Home Care companies like Equinoxe will thrive in the fast growing telemedicine practice, as they offer: virtual consultations, face-to-face care and also enable patients to have access to a range of health care and mental services from the comfort of their home. Equinoxe can even “monitor patient vital signs and health status, from a distance, using the latest in mobile health technologies.”

Having in mind all the possibilities that companies like equinoxe are offering people, through virtual consultations, the 3 ways the fast growing telemedicine practice benefits those with busy lives are:

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1) There is not need to delay seeing the doctor, because if you have 10 minutes in front of a computer and Internet connection, you can easily access a healthcare professional, and stop guessing your diagnosis.

2) Not only now people can easily access a healthcare professional, but it can be done from anywhere, even another country. Making telemedicine a great option for those who travel a lot for work.

3) People can organize face-to-face care for your elderly parents who may need home visits or their blood pressure constantly checked. Telemedicine allows elderly patients to be checked by a professional, without the need for them to leave home. It has also been reported that telemedicine helps depressed elderly patients.

With such benefits, we can easily see why the telemedicine practice benefits those with busy lives, and its no wonder the physician trends 2016 report has estimated that telemedicine will attract 7M patient users by 2018. Healthcare providers have been reporting that this practice could decrease expensive emergency department visits, and The Journal of the American Heart Association has suggested that telemedicine improves stroke outcomes.So, there is no need for excuses anymore. If you are feeling unwell but are too busy, use this new way to see the doctor to your benefit. To know more about telemedicine, click here.