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3 edible flowers that have many health benefits

3 edible flowers that have many health benefits

Most of the time, people tend to think that flowers cannot be eaten, but recently there has been reports that edible flowers are rapidly becoming a trend amongst Britons, thanks to celebrity chefs and instagram. So, below 3 edible flowers that have many health benefits.


According to theguardian, the demand in Britain for edible flowers is so great, that supermarkets are stocking violas and marigolds ( calendula) alongside staple fresh herbs such as coriander and basil. Even though, social media is what is powering the fad, and not the fact that eating edible flowers that have many health benefits is actually good for overall health, it is very interesting that more people are getting hooked up on this fad.

But, putting the British social media trend aside, these edible flowers that have many health benefits are not generally well known in the western world, as food per se. So, this growing trend has alarmed certain experts, because as they say it is important that you know exactly what you are eating, as there is a risk of poisoning if the consumer buys the wrong flower and eats it. So, below you will know more about 3 of the trendiest edible flowers that have many health benefits, from a scientific perspective.

The dailymail reports that viola and marigold (calendula) are some of the most popular flower choices, though dandelion is a well known flowering plant for its medicinal properties.


Dandelion (Taraxacum), a flowering plant from the daisy family is another powerhouse in the realm of edible flowers that have many health benefits. This is because, Dandelion greens are edible and are a rich source of vitamin A, B,C, and D as well as many other nutrients. But, besides being packed with nutrients, dandelions have also been shown to be packed with antioxidants, which could protect against oxidative stress linked atherosclerosis and decrease the atherogenic index, as well as many other health benefits.


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Viola (Viola tricolor L) is another flowering plant, on the list of edible flowers that have many health benefits. Some of which include its ability to treat patients with chronic insomnia. It has also been reported that viola is a powerful anti- inflammatory, and effective in treating bronchial respiratory issues and skin disorders.

Calendula (marigold)

According to the University of Michigan, consuming calendula in oral or topical form, can provide many health benefits. Some of which include: relief of atopic eczema and radiation induced dermatitis, mastitis, burns, conjunctivitis and wound healing.

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