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3 anti-aging vegan ingredients and their health benefits

3 anti-aging vegan ingredients and their health benefits

Finding the formula for a lasting youthful look is the Holy Grail of the beauty industry, which only in the US, had revenue of about 62.46 billion in 2016. But, what if the secret for a youthful look is in foods we eat, and not in lab made synthetic formulas and make-up? Well, science is slowly finding out that the protective effects of certain foods could be the answer to maintaining a lasting youthful look. With that in mind, check out the 3 anti-aging vegan ingredients and their health benefits, according to science.


Before we get to the 3 anti-aging vegan ingredients and their health benefits, it is important to note that, there are many companies already cashing in on the fact that certain foods have positive anti aging effects on skin. This is because science, now knows that there is a link between nutrition and skin aging, as prevention is the most effective way to work against extrinsic skin aging effects. So, a well regulated lifestyle (caloric restriction, body care and physical exercise for body), with low stress conditions and a balanced nutritional diet, including anti-oxidative rich food is what will help you to slow down the signs of aging.

While some of the ingredients listed below can be consumed as food, drink or as part of vegan recipes. You can also, use the knowledge you are about to learn, to seek out already manipulated vegan products that include such ingredients. So, below are the top 3 anti-aging vegan ingredients and their health benefits.

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The main cause of skin damage is Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. But, pomegranate is a rich source of polyphenolics, which have been shown to exert anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticarcinogenic activity. In a study, to investigate the potential protective effects of a pomegranate fruit extract,against UVA- and UVB-induced damage in SKU-1064 human skin fibroblast cells, scientists found that pomegranate extract was effective at protecting human skin fibroblasts from cell death following UV exposure. In addition to that, pomegranates have been reported to aid in prostate gland health, be effective in treating fungal infections, and even improve erectile dysfunction.

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Green tea

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Green tea also offers a wealth of health benefits, such as: aiding in detoxing the body and losing weight. It has also been reported that its compounds could protect from Alzheimer's and cancer. But, an article published on the Jama dermatology site, added one more health benefit to the regular consumption of green tea. It turns out that that green tea is also good for the skin because it is packed with antioxidants. Hasan Mukhtar, PhD, and colleagues said in the article, that: "Of all the antioxidants known to mankind, the components of green tea are the most potent."

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Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin-A, which is a powerful natural antioxidant. 100 g fresh fruit provides 569 mg or 19% of daily-required levels of this vitamin. Plant constituents such as carotenoids and flavonoids are involved in protection against excess light in plants and contribute to the prevention of UV damage in humans. In addition to that, researched vitamins, such as: (A, C, D and E), essential omega-3-fatty acids, some proteins and lactobacilli have been referred as agents capable of promoting skin health and beauty. Other health benefits of consuming watermelon include: it improves cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and combat acid reflux. In additiontion to that, watermelon has been reported to be one of the ideal foods to ease anxiety.

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