You Are Not Eating Clean If You Are Eating These Foods So Stop Saying You Are

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Learning how to eat clean is generally way more complicated than getting nutritional advice from your friends or personal trainer. Find out if your diet is truly clean or needs to be cleaned up a bit to get the health results you deserve.


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Eating Clean Is Not The Same As Eating Healthy

So many are confused about how to eat clean and what eating clean really means. Many believe they’re eating “clean” but have a diet that is too high in fat, loaded with processed foods and hidden ingredients that work against their vitality and overall health.

Eating clean pertains more to what isn’t in your food than what is in it. Generally, the simpler and more uncomplicated your meals are, the “cleaner” they will be.

Protein Shakes Are Not Considered A Clean Food

Protein shakes are a synthetic foodstuff unfit for maintaining human health. That is to say that protein shakes are not clean foods. Rather, protein shakes are junk, making digestion difficult and adding to the stress levels of the body from training.

Protein shakes made mostly from whey protein, and plant-based protein, contain naturally occurring glutamate, which is a form of MSG -- a neurotoxin. What is more, protein shakes are denatured dried and pulverized, as well as heavily supplemented and aren’t recommended as a food that should be eaten for lasting health.

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Why Eating High Amounts of Animal Protein Is Not Eating Clean

High protein diets are perhaps a the most injurious diets to the human body over time, not to mention that they are starvation diets. Animal protein is itself, limited in nutrition, devoid of what the muscles and brain needs to function – glucose-, as well as devoid of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients the body needs to thrive. Being on a high protein for any length of time can leave you with sugar strong cravings, nutritional deficiencies, a sluggish liver, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and unwanted weight gain in the long term. What is more, animal protein substantially slows digestion, which results in fermentation that releases ammonia toxins into the blood stream.

Eating Gluten-free Replacement Foods Is Not Clean Eating


If you are on a gluten-free diet and you are eating gluten-free replacement foods instead of making eliminations to your diet, you are not eating clean. Gluten-free replacement foods are typically made with GMO corn, which are known to feed viral and bacterial conditions. What is more, gluten-free replacement foods tend to be higher in starch, which the body must convert into sugar.

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If You Are Eating Fast And Processed foods, You Are Not Eating Clean

It's common sense that eating fast and processed foods is not how to eat clean, yet so many do it. They believe, thanks to clever marketing that the fast foods they're eating on the go have been made healthier. When you think of fast and processed foods, one word should come to mind – additives. Typically, fast foods are processed foods, and processed foods are loaded with additives. Additives are usually used to preserve flavor, enhance taste (think MSG), and to extend the shelf life of food. That being said, in order to “eat clean” you need to eat foods that do not have a shelf life.

Perhaps one of the worst offenders of processed food for people who believe they’re eating clean, besides protein shakes, are protein and energy bars which are nothing more than denatured junk, supplemented and sold under the name of health. These foods often contain ‘natural flavoring’ which translates to them being loaded with MSG. Protein and energy shakes too add physiological stress to the body since they too are slow and difficult for the body to digest.

If You Are Eating Foods High In Heavy Metals, You Are Not Eating Clean

Heavy metals don't get the attention they deserve. Heavy metal toxicity is harmful to human health. Heavy metals are known to bioaccumulate in humans where it can result in heavy metal contamination.

Heavy metals are strongly related to incidences of people diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus, Autism, ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease, and more. Food with a high concentration of heavy metals can settle into the tissues of the body, and oxidize. This oxidation is usually due to a high fat diet. Once the heavy metals oxidize, they bleed disrupting cellular activity in the body and neuron activity in the brain.

To illustrate, eating rice grown in China leaves you with a hefty dose of arsenic. If you’re eating the larger fish varieties such as tuna, swordfish, salmon, you’re becoming more expose to mercury. Eating natural foods that remove metals from the body and don't allow them to oxidize is a better example of how to eat clean.

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What Does Eating Clean Mean?

Finally, eating clean means eating foods you prepare yourself in their most natural state. Eating clean also means avoiding processed and fast foods or foods not prepared by you. Eating clean means avoiding foods that are high in pesticides that can accumulate in the liver. It means eating more organic plant-based and whole foods such as those in a natural diet that contain no refined sugar, additives, preservatives, or MSG. It means avoiding glyphosate and GMOs.It means avoiding artificial sweeteners and synthetic foods such as protein powders and energy bars. Eating clean means welcoming more wild foods such as herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables into your life. Eating clean also involves eating grass-fed, grass finished cuts of lean meat, wild-caught fish and pasture-raised poultry whenever you can. Foods that are clean-worthy include organic fruits and vegetables, as well as organic beans, nuts, and whole grains such as quinoa. Lastly, you are eating clean if you are eating these foods exclusively and consistently.

Personal Trainers Also Believe They Are Eating Clean

As much as we love our gym trainers and instructors, they are not well versed in nutrition. Personal trainers are big advocates of high protein diets because they work well to eliminate body fat – but again, these diets are one-size fits all starvation diets that are not health promoting but are instead stressful to the body over time. Always work closely with your practitioner, Naturopath and Holistic Nutritional Practitioner to monitor your health, learn what foods work with your body’s processes and not against them, and to address any deficiencies so you can move forward toward truly eating clean and getting the health benefits and the fitness results you desire.


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Nice article. One exception - I would not lump all "protein shakes" in one category. I agree that most of them have ingredients that are not clean. I have found some that are 'clean' and do highly recommend them. The ingredients and integrity of the manufacturer is key. If you would like some suggestions of good ones, contact me. They have helped my diet and health tremendously.
Protein shakes are synthetic, man-made convenience foods. Once any food is dried and pulverized it has little nutritional value.Then, there's the MSG. Thanks for posting!