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Wine Health Claims Are Bogus According To New Research

Wine heart health

New claims about wine drinking are not going to make you happy. New research confirms the opposite to what we thought was true -- that drinking a glass of wine each night is healthy for your heart.


You may want to put that wine down for this news. Remember when people believed cigarettes were healthy, then years later discovered how disastrous they are to human health? History is about to repeat itself.

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Wine Is Not Heart Healthy

Turns out we’ve been duped again. The go-to excuse for having a glass or two of wine was once universal “Wine is good for the heart” we would tell ourselves. But those findings aren’t entirely true, wine -- in fact, has no health benefits. Zilch. None.

A study published in the Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs plunged through 87 previous studies and found estimates of mortality risk from alcohol were significantly altered by former study designs and characteristics. Notably, this discrepancy was caused by "non-drinkers" who may have in fact, been former drinkers who quit or cut down for health reasons.

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"We know that people generally cut down on drinking as they age, especially if they have health problems," said researcher Tim Stockwell, Ph.D., director of the Centre for Addictions Research at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada.

"People who continue to be moderate drinkers later in life are healthier," Stockwell said. "They're not sick, or taking medications that can interact with alcohol."

In the former studies on wine drinking, these statements could have lead to the misleading information that moderate drinking is heart-healthy.

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More Research Backs Up Claims That Wine Has No Health Benefits

United Kingdom researchers followed more than 9,100 adults aged between 23 and 55. Moderate drinkers — those who had up to two alcoholic beverages a day — were found to have a lower risk of heart disease than nondrinkers. But that wasn’t the case when the researchers analyzed drinking habits of younger people — 55 and under — and then followed them to an older age when they are more at-risk of heart disease.

That’s not to say an occasional glass of wine is harmful to your health – it’s just not health promoting. Alcohol in any form works against the body's processes, not with it. That being said, drinking wine is definitely not recommended during pregnancy.