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Why Every Child Could Benefit By Using A Rebounder

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Not only is rebounding fun, it stimulates and clears the lymphatic system, boosts the immune system and is a joyful way for kids to burn off some excess energy with a health benefit. As a bonus, rebounding may also get your kids away from screen time for a while.


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Jumping Is Fun!

If you’ve ever jumped on your parents bed as a kid you know the joy that jumping brings. Jumping is a natural movement for kids, and they are happy to do it, whether they realize that it’s healthy for them or not. And while it’s not likely you’ll get your children to do a round or two of jumping jacks every morning, breaking out a rebounder just may insure they get the benefits of this movement everyday.

Rebounding is also a great natural way for children to move and burn excess energy, strengthen the muscles, get the blood pumping and have to have some fun with a health benefit.

Benefits Shown To Increase Oxygenation

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A study done on the effects of daily short bouts of trampoline exercise on children with cystic fibrosis was reported by International Journal of Sports Medicine. Six girls and two boys with cystic fibrosis 10-13.5 years of age participated in a prescribed exercise program on a mini-trampoline. They exercised maximum 109 min per week, for 8 weeks. The training consisted of three short bouts of trampoline/rebounding exercise.

The CF children were divided into two groups. The first group was a control as the other group exercised on the trampoline and vice versa. Three patients in each group completed the study. Pulmonary and exercise tests were performed before and after the exercise/control periods and showed maximal oxygen uptake actually improved during the exercise period.

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Rebounding Has Impressive Immune Boosting Health Benefits For Children

While not everyone has room for a trampoline in their backyard, getting a rebounder for your living room can have some impressive benefits. Rebounding strengthens your child’s body while detoxifying and oxygenating the cells within it. One major benefit of rebounding for both children and adults can lead to better circulation of lymphatic fluid, which jumpstarts immune system health by providing greater white blood cell (the cells that protect you from disease) activity.

Plus, supervised rebounding is a safe low-impact exercise that is very easy on the joints unlike running or sprinting. Best part is, for a kid, it’s a non-intentional activity that fuels their happiness with a health benefit. Rebounding can also be done while watching TV.