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Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is Bad For You And The One Food That's Better

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The so-called health benefits of apple cider vinegar are a lie, especially for diabetics, but there is one medicinal and natural food that is far better, not only for regulating blood sugar, but for boosting your immune system.


It is a widely held misbelief that apple cider vinegar is the cure-all for everything from acid reflux to weight loss. This is a misnomer of epic proportions. Therefore, If you’re even asking the question, "Is drinking vinegar bad for you?" there should be doubt in your mind that it is.

You may have heard these praises sung for apple cider vinegar online: "Apple cider vinegar is the cure! Help your diabetes, lose the weight, rejuvenate your gut health, end your acne and stop your headache today by drinking apple cider vinegar everyday!"

However, the inconvenient truth is, vinegar is best reserved for cleaning windows, revitalizing laundry, deodorizing pet waste on your living room rug and for washing the floors. It is not something that is safe to consume.

You may have heard that vinegar will help you with your diabetes." You may have even 'heard' that the master cleanse is going to help you lose weight, and in the process heal your gut." Sadly, you have been misinformed.

Vinegar Is Processed Foodstuff

Many of us never give much thought to how vinegar is created, however, if there is something positive to say, apple cider vinegar is derived from natural food, even if they are rotted. Balsamic and red wine vinegars are produced from rotted grapes. Rice vinegar is made from rotted/fermented rice, and apple cider vinegar (ACV) is derived from … you guess it -- decomposed apples.

How Could Eating Anything Rotten Ever Be Healthy?

The body does best on live plant-based foods so this begs the question – How could eating anything rotten ever be healthy? From this simple logic you can understand why the mouth – the entry to the body-- rejects the pungent taste of apple cider vinegar. This is because apple cider vinegar is not only an irritant that is useless to the body, we simply shouldn’t be drinking it.

How Is Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Bad For You? Vinegar Halts Digestion

It has been rumored that apple cider vinegar improves gut flora but the body actually works against it. While apple cider vinegar is the safest of all the vinegars, it is an intestinal irritant capable of bringing digestion to a crawl or worse, a complete halt and inhibiting digestion is never a good thing.

Vinegar Doesn’t Help Diabetes

The one reason vinegar has a so-called "positive" effect on blood sugar, is because it slows the digestion of starch. Nobumasa Ogwa, Ph.D., of Tokyo University in Tokyo, discovered that acetic acid, such as that in vinegar, inhibits the activity of several carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, including amylase, sucrase, maltase and lactase.

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Therefore, if a diabetic eats fresh fries with vinegar, for example, the vinegar will inactivate the digestive enzymes that break down the fries, leaving those fries to linger in the gut, and thus, giving a false reading on blood sugar.

This is why apple cider vinegar is known to have a temporary and somewhat positive effect on blood sugar levels. However, there's nothing healthy about slowing down the process of digestion. For the body to function optimally, and for good health, digestion needs to be swift and efficient.

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Vinegar Has The Same Effect On Digestion As Alcohol

Vinegar and alcohol, affect digestion similarly. It is for this reason that both should be avoided. The acetic acid found in vinegar, and incidentally alcohol, in high concentrations, can cause severe damage to the digestive system according to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Esophageal irritation is the most likely side effect of too much apple cider vinegar, particularly from prolonged use. (Note the burning feeling in the esophagus when apple cider vinegar is ingested.)

Vinegar is Very Dehydrating

Eating salads is an amazing way to hydrate yourself. However, once you put vinegar on your salad you negate the salad’s hydrating benefits. The very act of putting vinegar on your salad, transforms your hydrating salad into a dehydrated salad, according to your stomach.

If you’re drinking apple cider vinegar this is dangerous because your body's water reserves exist to aid in digesting food. When your body works on digesting your salad in vinegar, it will actually become more depleted than hydrated because the vinegar is dehydrating. A better idea is to squeeze some fresh lemon on your salad instead to enjoy more hydrating and nutritional benefits.

Vinegar Is Not A Prebiotic, Probiotic or Antibiotic

Apple cider vinegar has also been hailed as "gut friendly" due to its so-called "prebiotic" benefits. This is likely due to pectin, which can be found in the rinds of many fruits, but one of the best sources of pectin is the green apple. However, it's important to know that pectin cannot be derived from rotted/fermented apples. This means pectin cannot is not in apple cider vinegar, and thus, there is no prebiotic benefit. The best and only way to get the prebiotic effects of pectin, is to eat eating organic green apples in-season, and in their natural state.

In fact, the only safe way to keep gut bacteria friendly and remain hydrated is to eat a diet high in hydrating foods high in fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Home grown, organic and local fruits and vegetables are best if you can get them, since these are the freshest. Freshly grown, organic fruits and vegetables are also the "live" foods that populate the gut with ‘friendly bacteria.” This by far, is the safest natural treatment to maintain health.

Honey Is A Stronger Probiotic Than Apple Cider Vinegar

Any attempt at preventing indigestion, heartburn, hiccups, bloating and stomach pain should be attained by correcting diet, properly combining your food and by making hydrating food choices.

So, is drinking vinegar bad for you? Yes. Raw organic honey is a far stronger and more effective probiotic than apple cider vinegar. It is also antiviral anti-fungal antiseptic antibacterial and has anticancer properties. What is more, raw organic honey is full of active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are vital for keeping the body healthy and for preventing illness and disease. Raw Honey also regulates blood sugar according to a study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences. Raw organic honey can be taken by tablespoon daily or taken in warm tea. Raw organic honey is not dehydrating and can provide far more health benefits in the long run than apple cider vinegar.



Information is for my wife and I only
Sorry to tell u but apple cider vinegar does work me and 8 good friends did a test on it for losing weight I lost 60:lbs 4 lost ,30 and three over 70 it has done wonders on our skin 3 of us used it ,4 times a week and after 4 days I noticed such a big difference the other 2 also the rest used wrinkle creams that cost a fortune and only slim results we had more energy stop taking acid reflux pills and we have heard from hundred of people who used it with great results so u don't know everything still hear good things so whoever is paying u to sell honey well give them their money back we love honey and use it but Apple cider vinegar has our deal of approval
I agree it does work for everything it said it works for
Yea.. I agree too. ACV has helped me lose weight, and clear my skin up.It also helps with dandruff and has a million other positive benefits. Whoever wrote this STUPID article is really reaching here. This ignorant article is totally unjustifiable. As long as you're using organic, non- gmo ACV, then you will reap all the rewards and no side effects. I didn't even finish the article, but I'm sure they are bashing ACV so hard in hopes of promoting their own product that instead. From the comments it seems like ppl aren't dumb enough to buy it ,so that's good.
Congrats on your results. What method worked best for you?
I'm with you,it's an amazingly nutritious food but not apple cider vinegar gar like we buy everyday. It MUST BE RAW, NATURALLY FERMENTED APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, preferably Organic. It can't be store brand or even name brand regular ACV, tho a good product for food and many things, it has to be RAW VINEGAR. I highly recommend BRAGG'S. Been around for a long time. Great product. It used to be only found in health food stores but now you can get it at stores like Whole Foods Trader Joe's and some regular supermarkets carry it as well but less likely.. I highly recommend Raw natural apple cider vinegar for a multitude of health reasons as well as uses around the home but for uses around the home I would use over-the-counter vinegar and keep the raw vinegar for the health and or cooking issues.
I am trying to lose weight for my summer trips. Exactly how are you taking the apple cider vinegar?
Hi I am so glad to hear apple cider works because I just bought some and was planning to start drinking it. But found this article and was like oh no so glad you commented on your results of using apple cider. What was your drink recipe? Also how did you use it for face? Thank in advance for answering me.☺
I totally agree! There is always one so called, Expert in the bunch that tries to grab attention by going against all the others. This article is joke to me. ACV for everyone!!
Hate to burst your bubble but apple cider vinegar has helped my aid reflux moments after drinking. I don't believe everything I read. Like your article for example.
I drink a Shot right now, but the article's its true... thanks for the info.. i help me now to refuse Apples Vinegar..
If you do drink apple cider vinegar...It must be the organic one with the "mother" and NEVER drink it straight!!! It must be diluted or it will cause damage on the way down. I use 1 table spoon mixed in cran/pineapple juice...Pure coconut water...And a splash of club soda. It's delicious and since using it my cholesterol has gone way down. I also use a straw to keep the liquid off my teeth
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar has worked for me. However it must be diluted with plenty of water. Taken by the spoonful irritated the stomach as it is acetic acid. Orange juice also has a low acid level also. Most of your juices do. Again, even with juices, dilutdilute with plenty of water. I think people are forgetting basic chemistry. Look up the Ph balances and you will see what I am talking about. With diabetics, continue to watch your exchanges.
I've been taking apple cider vinegar for about 3 months now and I have C-Diff and constant nausea. Could it be from taking this? I'm also diabetic. I'd hate to think I have been hurting myself. I've been having major stomach problems lately. Alot of severe pain and nausea.
Maybe you have an allergic reaction to cider vinegar because I was taking it maybe 3 times a week just a tablespoon for about three months and doing this time I lost weight my acid reflux stopped I wasn't farting all the time my skin cleared up my voice cleared up the pain in my legs and feet gradually went away I was more energetic so I must say Apple cider is a good product and it works because since I stopped taking it all these symptoms has come back actually they have returned in a big way so I will be getting back on my apple cider and I hope you figure out what's making you upset in the stomach because this does work
If you are feeling nauseous after drinking it, then yes, it's from the Applecider Vinegar. I was drinking it over a month ago and I started feeling sick from it. Just the thought of it made me wanna puke
Perhaps u should see a dr.
C diff is an infection. I'd highly doubt you can get it from ACV. Hope you feel better soon.
Like other smart folks, i disagree from personal experience. Not only does it completely stop severe acid reflux for me and several friends and family, but in addition it helps cleanse body and organs. This is a medical fact, even doctors agree. Why challenge apple cider vinegar ? Not sure you have an educated response. I see your education on this is primarily opposing the validity of this product, and youve spent countless wasted time trying to be the founder of some new discovery. Quit wasting your time, and the publics time
From my experience of using apple cidar finger, it's ok to use it wisely, I mean 1 tea spoon. The better option is the amazing result which you can see on your health over all is Lemon, organic lemon is the answer. I have had a very bad headach the other day, had no way of getting rid of it. I was driving tried to drink a lot of water nothing worked. Believe or not I had some lemon I bought from Tesco, I ate whole one. Within 5 minutes the headach went away! My skin was shiny too. It was sour, but compare to the headach pain is nothing!
I agree..works for me and my husband. ACV has amazing healing qualities!
I had ACV pressed from fresh Apple, not rotten apples when I was 50 yrs younger.Who is paying you to write this crap?Been using ACV for at least 35yearsso far.Verry satisfied
I take 1 teaspoon 3 times per days. It has been amazing for me as a tummy tamer and seems to help control my swearing during the summer months. It.has helped my wife also with her tummy issues. Thank you acv.
If you're using the right apple cider vinegar the benefits are there. If you're using the processed kind, that's cooked then your won't get the benefits expected.
Wow...who wrote this article ? I've had great benifits from ACV...there has to be a ulterior motive from writer
I have found acv to help with my skin. I suffer from eczema. I'm a little disappointed with some of your information.
I fully disagree with whatever you wrote in this article. I I am regularly taking ACV AND IT helped me in correcting my digestion system and it accelerated the weight loss process. Till date I could reduce 29 pounds since JUNE 2016...
Apple cider vinegar has helped me lose weight. It really works.Don't knock it til you try it.Best results are with proper exercise and diet.
I use Apple cider vinegar for my salad, and drink it often too,but no deference in my case... I have acid reflux that is very bad,but I don't see a change.
ACV has worked well for me with acid reflux and indigestion I'm not as educated as you obviously but I know this product has worked for me