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What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You About Your Saliva

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True dental health is based more on what's inside your teeth than what's on them, but your dentist doesn't typically tell you that. Your dentist also doesn't discuss the importance of your saliva in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. The alkalinity of your saliva is the difference between healthy teeth and decay. Adjusting your salivia may result in far less dental visits and a brighter healthier smile.


Dental Visits Are Usually About Everything But Your Saliva

When you visit your dentist, the focus is usually on your hygiene; tartar, plaque, gum health, brushing habits and a search for what procedure can be done on your next appointment. As an added bonus, your dental appointment may even include a fluoride treatment and a free toothbrush. But never, is your dental appointment about your eating habits, or for that matter, your saliva.

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The Key to Your Tooth Health Is Not Fluoride
Saliva is everything when it comes to tooth health. Your saliva is more important than using fluoride and just as important than your brushing and flossing habits. Yet, the acidity and alkalinity of your saliva is an important topic that goes unaddressed by your dentist and that should alarm you.

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The Condition of Your Saliva is Everything

Instead of worrying what’s on your teeth, you should be worrying about what’s getting into your teeth, via your saliva, because your diet is what causes tooth decay.
Because your teeth are alive and because your saliva flows freely through each tooth in your mouth via the roots, your nutrition matters according to Nadine Artemis, author of Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide To Healthy Teeth and Gums because your teeth are a living structure that requires nourishment to remain strong. The trick is to keep your saliva alkaline.

“When saliva has a pH value of 7, calcium and phosphate flow freely into the tooth enamel to build more crystals to form strong dense enamel. When saliva is acidic with a pH below 7, the crystals dissolve and become smaller, causing pores that form in the honeycomb pattern. Porous teeth are susceptible to chipping, crumbling and staining.”

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How To Keep Your Saliva Alkaline

Diet and amping up your immune system are the best ways to maintain alkaline salvia. This means avoiding a high protein diet, eliminating processed foods, soft drinks and of course eliminating refined sugar from your diet – but not for the reason you’ve been originally told. More than decaying your teeth from the outside, sugar can decay your teeth from inside due to its acidity, and ability to lower your immune system function, according to an undisputed 1973 study from the American Journal of Nutrition.

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“Inside the tooth is the pulp chamber, also known as the root canal, which contains blood vessels, cells, connective tissue, and nerves. This is where nutrients are transported from the bloodstream to the dental fluid.”

What To Eat to Keep Your Saliva Alkaline

To keep your teeth mineralized and strong, it’s important to eat a nourishing and mostly plant-based diet. The more raw fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat daily, the more alkaline your saliva is likely to become. Avoid eating a high protein Paleo or keto-type diet since these are highly acidic and can be depleting of the teeth and bones. Instead nourish-up on lots of fresh fruits and leafy greens and fresh juices. Typically, you’ll want to follow the raw until four, or the 80-10-10 methods of eating, which include 80% of fruits and vegetables eaten daily, with 10 percent good fats and 10 percent protein in your diet. If you're concerned about the sugar from fruits and vegetables due to diabetes or another metabolic condition, then incorporate an abundance of low glycemic fruits into your daily regimen, such as berries (all kinds), citrus, pears, apples, avocado, tomato and cucumber to raise your alkalinity.This ratio will ensure a 7.0 alkalinity in your salvia and can work well to save yours or your children’s teeth from the inside.