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What Really Happens When You Eat Eggs

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Almost everyone loves the versatility of an egg, yet may dietitians don't come clean about how eggs can really affect the body, particularly when it comes to chronic viral and bacterial issues.


Eggs are, according to clever marketing, incredible, edible but never advertised as healthy? Have you ever wondered why?

Eggs Are Hormonally Charged to Harbor Viruses And Bacteria

If you suffer from any viral or bacterial chronic illness, such as EBV or streptococcus, eggs aren’t your friend, they are a viral host. This is because eggs have a high hormonal makeup that makes them a hotbed for growing viral and even bacterial bugs both inside and outside the body. Those with chronic illness are the most affected by having eggs in their diet.

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Eggs Feed Viruses and Strep

Eating dairy is never a good idea for people who deal with chronic viral or strep-related issues. However, the one food strep bacteria highly favors is eggs. Beside eggs being a versatile food that we frequently eat, it’s important to recognize that the egg embodies the concentrated hormonal makeup of a chicken. That makes the egg fertile, in a sense, for growth, according to science. In fact, both strep bacteria and the flu vaccine have been known to be grown with eggs used as the fertile base. Symptoms associated wtih chronic strep include:

  • cystic acne
  • chronic ear infections
  • tonsillitis
  • migraines
  • tonsil stones
  • sore throats
  • styes
  • sinusitis
  • UTIs/cystitis/bacterial vaginitis/
  • Gut and intestinal issues/IBS/ SIBO

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Eggs Are Used To Grow Viral Bugs in Laboratories

It is a little-known fact that eggs are widely used to grow viruses in laboratories that produce influenza vaccines. Eggs have also used to grow streptococcus bacteria. In theory, if eggs can harbor and grow bacterial and viral bugs in a lab, then eating them can fuel and even exacerbate viral and bacterial bugs in the body.

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What You Can Eat

The incredible edible egg has a dark secret of harboring bacteria and viruses, not just salmonella, but if that's any indication of the egg's harboring abilities, you won't be surprised to know that eggs do boost viral and bacterial infections in the body.

One way to tell if eggs are affecting your chronic condition is to eliminate eggs or anything prepared with egg from the diet for fourteen to thirty day, then reintroduce them into the diet. You can substantially limit viral and bacterial activity in your body by eliminating eggs from your diet entirely. Working to strengthen your immune system is another effective and preventative way to end chronic symptoms permanently. Work closely with your practitioner, Naturopath or a competent Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to create an elimination and diet protocol that works for you.

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