8 Ways To Be A Happy Vegan

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Vegans are said to be angry, and more depressed than meat-eaters according to new research out of Bristol University in England. Whether this is simply propaganda or proven to be true, it never hurts to ensure that your body is getting what it needs to keep you healthy and, in turn, happy.


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Eight Ways To Be Happier Vegan

Being a happy vegan is of course all about the movement -- the impact you are making on saving animals, the environment and the planet, and how good that all feels. It’s also about knowing that your choices make a change in the quality of food we eat and more importantly, your own health. Even if you're not fully vegan and your eating plant-based, but can't give up honey, for example, your still doing your part to improve your health -- go you!

Yes, it's special to be part in something bigger than yourself. Personally, I don't know too many unhappy vegans, but if you're an unhappy meat or processed food eater and you're looking to dabble in improving your chances of living a longer and healthier life, here are some easy ways to become a happy vegan:

  • Jump right in and stay above opinions – The only way to get started is to get started. Dump the animal products and ramp up the plants in your diet. You will find that people are going to take notice of your diet. They’re may make their judgments. Understand their judgments are about them, not you – you are the one changing the world and improving your health, remember?
  • Focus on what you can eat -- So many people get caught up in focusing on what they can’t eat – then feel deprived, but really, focus on all the glorious foods nature has made available to you and how well they can make you feel. If you’re looking and feeling great, and energetic it will show. Which brings us to the next point;
  • Don’t preach to non-vegans about your new lifestyle. This is a waste of precious energy and isn’t conducive to being happy. Allow your efforts speak for itself.
  • Find something good in every day. Walking down the street, hearing birds, seeing a blossoming tree, or a rose bush, or simply smiling at someone and saying good morning are easy ways to find and create something good in every day. This may be a little thing, but it’s a mood lifter and it will make you happier and take your mind of any negative thoughts.
  • Enjoy your food. Eating mindfully isn’t just about what’s organic or sustainable, or non-GMO – it’s about eating the foods that feel good to your soul – foods that will enhance your energy and maintain your vibrancy. Choosing foods you enjoy will bring you to another level of happy, simply by selecting the vegan foods that give you the biggest punch with it comes to energy.
  • Know you are healing – Your body is working to heal you every day. Whether it be from the environment or from a bad meal, your body works really hard to maintain your health. Therefore, it’s really important to know that everything you eat will work more effectively with your body’s processes, when you believe in that food. Always eat foods you believe in. Take a moment to appreciate what the potassium in a banana or a potato will do for your body before you eat it. This is how to foods you eat will have a more positive impact on your health and energy level. And this will in turn make you happier!
  • Get a good B12 – The big concern for anyone on a vegan diet is keeping nutritional intake balanced. One way to do this is to supplement with the correct B12. B12 is essential because it helps the body to create energy at a cellular level. For best results and supplementation it’s important to take a B12 which contains both methacobolamin along with it’s co-enzyme adenosylcobalamin.
  • Make a conscious effort to look at something beautiful every day. You’d be surprise how calming this is. No matter how stressful your day can become, finding an object of beauty brings those feelings down a notch. Observing your world and actively seeking out beauty in nature and your surroundings will make you happy.
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    To Be Truly Happy Avoid Processed Foods As Much As Possible

    It should be noted that processed foods are not best for a vegan lifestyle, even if they do not include animal products. Processed foods – any food that comes in a box, can, package or carton, can never be conducive to good health or happiness in the long-term. These are dead foods that are de-natured, manufactured, supplemented and they are junk, even if they’re marked organic.

    A healthy body doesn’t know what to do with processed foods, so it slows digestion to deal with them. This isn’t what good health is about. Good health is about quick and efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients so you can thrive. Processed foods have fake fiber, additives, chemicals, artificial colorings and hidden MSG. What is more, processed foods are disruptive to the neurological, endocrine and nervous systems and can leave you with migraines, autoimmune reactions or anxious.

    Get Happy And Live Your Best LIfe

    Ultimately, your happiness will come from your vibrant health and knowing you have made a difference. You will find, unloading sluggish feelings that have been weighing you down, having an appreciation for the food you're eating and what it's doing for your body, finding the beauty in the world around you and getting a thumbs up from your doctor on your improved health will unburden you so you can live your best life.


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