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Vegan Diets Promote Good Gut Health

Vegan gut health digestive health nutrition

Whether you have a strong or weak constitution of health, going vegan can vastly improve your gut and overall health.


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Imagine you’re a baby again, and you’re fed a concoction called “formula” as your main source of food. As you grow, you’re graduated to boxed cereals then jarred foods, and your entire short existence on this planet is a processed food life. As a result, you get every childhood disease under the sun and suffer with lots of allergies and frequent colds. Well into your adult years, your allergies may progress into asthma and chronic sinus infections, frequent bouts with the flu and more.

Your gut health and your digestion are one of the most important indicators of good health. When gut health is compromised, your immune system can become more sensitive and contribute to more extreme sensitivities and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to gain an understanding of where your gut bacteria originates.

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You Get Your Gut Bacteria From Your Mother

One of the many benefits of a natural birth is getting a jumpstart on friendly gut-bacteria, since this is the stabilizer of overall health. During a natural birth babies get their gut bacteria from their mother. This often results in more stable long-term health. It is not the same for those who have entered the world via C-Section.

Research from a study published in FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology, looked at the influence of antibiotic exposure in the early postnatal period on the development of intestinal microbiota. Researchers monitored 26 infants including five antibiotic-treated subjects orally administered a broad-spectrum antibiotic for the first 4 days of life, as well as three caesarean-delivered subjects whose mothers were intravenously injected by the similar type of antibiotics in the same period.

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The fecal bacterial composition was analyzed daily for the first 5 days and monthly for the first 2 months. The results showed that antibiotic exposure at the beginning of life greatly influences the development of neonatal intestinal microbiota.

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How You Entered This World Matters

How did you enter this world? Did you enter this world via C-Section or through natural childbirth? Were you born vital or with a weak start? Whether you were born healthy or need some healing to get there, there’s one diet that can either help you sustain your gut and overall health or vastly improve it, so you can pass your vitality on to the next generation – that is a vegan diet.

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition compared bacterial DNA from fecal samples of 20 vegans, 11 lacto-vegetarians and 29 omnivores who were comparable in gender, age, body mass and height, and found an association between diet type and bacterial community composition.

A Vegan Diet Can Help

So many people believe the best place to get their probiotics is from yogurt or fermented foods, but this is misinformation. To get probiotics that will truly heal you, eat an organic raw vegan diet. You can also spend some time working in a garden, or pet your dog after he’s gone for a roll in the grass, or eat more freshly picked or organic plant foods and home-grown sprouts, which are exceptionally high in friendly bacteria. A vegan diet, as well as these activities and foods exceptional ways to get the natural-biotics you need to repopulate the gut and thrive.

Health Is Affected When Your Digestion Is In Question

The food you eat nourishes all of your cells. If you make poor food choices or if your body cannot digest, absorb, and assimilate food due to poor digestive function, it is likely you will develop signs, symptoms, and finally a diagnosable illness.

Always work with your practitioner or Naturopath and seek out a competent Holistic Nutrition Practitioner who can work with you to transition to a vegan diet responsibly.