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The Vegan Alternative To Chicken Soup For Colds and Flu

Vegan alternative to chicken soup

Millions of Americans get a cold or the flu each year. But you can combat both with your juicer.


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With the so-called flu season upon us, what is a vegan to do if they get a cold, or worse the flu? With chicken soup not being an option there's a healthy and more effective alternative -- fresh juice.

Chicken Soup Unhealthy

A rumor was started centuries ago that chicken soup is the cure-all for what ails you, but that might not be true. In fact, more contemporary studies have ranged from claiming chicken soup as essential to proving inconclusive.

Generally, while a bout with the flu or a cold may cause a break in your regular eating (this is good thing), sipping some broth with vegetables and scant pieces of chicken could certainly do no harm, unless of course you’re vegan. But, whether it’s the best thing for healing is another story entirely.

When you break it down, chicken soup is simply a broth made from fat -- the skin, meat and bones of chicken -- along with some potent and highly nourishing anti-viral vegetables, such as onion, carrot, and celery. What is more, aside from the anti-inflammatory benefits of the vegetables, and the subsequent fasting due to illness, chicken broth would be considered more along the lines of inflammatory due to it's high fat content.

However, once the ingredients in chicken soup are cooked, the result is again, a high fat, denatured broth that is warm, comforting and most probably doing nothing for lessening the duration of your illness.

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Vegan Alternative To Chicken Soup

While the vegan alternative for chicken soup might be a vegetable broth, the point still remains that vegetable broth is cooked. And while not harmful, it isn’t necessarily helpful. A better idea to put into action the moment the flu strikes is rest, warmth and fresh juices for the duration of your illness. Fresh juice, even if it’s only one fruit—such as squeezed orange juice for example, will hydrate you while you’re laid up. What is more, fresh orange juice can also nourish you back to health with it's high vitamin and mineral content. In fact, any freshly juiced fruit or vegetable would be more beneficial than chicken soup for healing.

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Keep It Simple

As if there aren't already a plentitude of benefits, think of fresh juice as having an all-access pass to heal you. With the fiber removed fresh juices are more easily digested and assimilated by the body as it works day and night to rid itself of the virus.The nutrients in fresh juices are bioavailable, anti-inflammatory and more vitamins and minerals than chicken soup. Fresh juices are also extremely low in fat, and this helps the cells to get the glycogen they need to repair and regenerate themselves effectively and efficiently.

Fresh juices taken as needed can hydrate you and heal you at the same time. While the fat in chicken broth can slow this process down.

Red apples, carrots, oranges, pineapple, berries and ginger are excellent ingredients to start with the flu hits and may even help to lessen the duration of the virus.