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For Type 2 Diabetics Believing In God Helps Beat The Disease Study Shows

Type 2 diabetes God Faith Healing

Couples where one or both are type 2 diabetics, as well as believers in God, are better able to care for one another according to new science. This helped them to overcome the disease.


While healing prayers for diabetes have gone a long way in helping cope with the disease, accepting that the universe was created by a higher being is positively linked with type 2 diabetics adopting a healthier diet, according to new and controversial research.

Does Trust In God Really Heal?

According to the new study from Florida State University, diabetic patients who felt safe in God’s care were better able to plan and eat a healthy diet.

Healing prayers for diabetes not withstanding, the researchers surveyed 87 couples where one of the spouses had type 2 diabetes. Their use of religion in coping, as well as shared glycemic control activities, like sticking to a diet together, were measured.

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Religious coping was defined as either positive, where they appreciated God's love and care, or negative when they had doubts about his existence.

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Researchers asked subjects to respond to various statements about their connection with God based on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest agreement. Researchers confirmed doing things together as a couple, such as planning a diet, or a meal was positively and significantly associated with maintaining blood sugar.

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Believers Gave Better Support To Spouses Than Non-Believers

Conversely, if the diabetic patient was a non-believer in God, they were less likely to adhere to such beliefs and help their spouse.

Moreover, if the partner who didn't have diabetes believed in God, they were better able to keep their partner’s blood sugar levels on track.

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Type 2 Diabetes Is A Liver Issue

Type 2 diabetes is caused by a fatty liver that bounces back glucose into the blood stream. The disease can shave 10 years off suffers lives, if left unchecked. To reverse type 2 diabetics need to maintain a natural (god-created), plant-based, low fat diet, along with a consistent exercise regimen. While the findings of this study are controversial, its results show that those believe in God are better equipped to cope with type 2 diabetes, which plays role an important role in reversing the disease.