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The Top 4 Vegan Foods To Add To Your Hurricane Grocery List

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It's not easy being vegan in a hurricane. While many people are out stocking up on junk foods, you're often left wondering what to pack should a storm force you to evacuate. Here are some light and healthy vegan foods to add to your hurricane grocery list that will hydrate and nourish you and pack perfectly in your car or go-bag. Best part is they can be purchased way ahead of time.


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It’s hurricane season again and it seems the stories of mandatory evacuations are mounting. This means there’s a possibility of actually using that go-bag you’ve got stored in your closet. It also means there’s a chance you’ll need to leave your home for a couple of days. That means it's time to start thinking of your hurricane grocery list.

Quality Versus Quantity

It’s scary to thinking about having to leave your home with the uncertainly of it still standing when you return. If you’re vegan, it can be more even more stressful to feel like there's nothing healthy to sustain you until the storm blows over. While most people have bread, eggs, cheese and milk on their hurricane grocery list, here are four highly nourishing vegan essentials to stock up on for a hurricane or in the event the should the storm should displace you.

Nourish, Nourish, Nourish….

1. Hydration: Of course the usual preparations are making sure you have plenty of fresh water. This can be done by filling up bathtubs and loading up on cases of bottled water. But what if there's no water to be found? A little know secret of deep hydration is coconut water. Coconut water is an even better option if you’re living in hot climates since it is incredibly hydrating.So, while everyone's reaching for cases of bottled, water load up on coconut water!

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2. Protein: Generally, advice for stocking up during a hurricane involves canned goods. But think about this for a moment – canned foods are heavy for a go-bag. A better option is to stack up on bags of nuts. Nuts and seeds are a highly nourishing source of plant-based protein, they store well, they are lightweight, and can be packed well ahead of time.

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3. Fruit: Although it’s quite portable and easy to pack, fruit is difficult to keep fresh during a hurricane. What is more, the mere stress of a hurricane event can knock your immune system for a loop. It could be days, depending on storm damage, before your supermarket gets another fresh delivery of food. That being said, you can still get the nutritional benefits of fruit in the event you are displaced by a hurricane. Fill your go-bag with bagged organic dried fruits such as dates, mangos, raisins, cranberries, coconut or fruit bars such as the Lara Bar, which only has 2-3 ingredients. Specifically, dried apricots are super high in zinc, which work well to protect your immune system against bacteria and viruses, should you encounter them. Be sure to get dried fruits that do not contain sulfur dioxide as this preservative is toxic.

4. Wild foods: Should there be a significant water event, it will be extremely important to keep your immune system strong to resist the effects of stress on the body. Wild foods are a strong defense against contracting viruses and bacterial infections. Wild foods include leafy greens, which might be hard to come by during a hurricane. While there aren’t many substitutions for the healing benefit of leafy greens when there's no fresh food to be had, herbs can work wonders to protect you during a storm. Alcohol-free herbal tinctures of Lemon Balm, and Nettle leaf are protective since these are antiviral, anti bacterial and anticancer wild foods that pack some serious nutrition to boost immune system function. These wild foods will also help to keep your nervous system calm during a stressful hurricane event.

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Being vegan doesn’t have to be daunting during a hurricane. Remember, sustaining your health during a storm makes all the difference in how you respond to stress and exposure to viruses and bacteria, especially during flooding and poor drainage after a storm. When thinking about your vegan hurricane grocery list, pack light, stay hydrated and well nourished until the storm passes. Being well equipped nutritionally makes all the difference in getting your life back to normal.