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A Sweet Potato A Day May Help To Keep Tooth Pain Away

Sweet potato tooth ache nerve pain

According to statistics, 29% of us suffer from regular tooth pain. While you wouldn’t think that eating certain foods could cause or prevent tooth pain, think again – what you eat can ease nerve pain in your mouth or worsen it.


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You Have Nerve

Generally, your molar has three to four roots. A bicuspid has one to two roots. And front teeth have usually one root. Your teeth, like the rest of your body are filled with nerves – your teeth develop from the same embryological neural crest tissue as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Additionally, your teeth connect via your nerves to the organs, muscles and body tissues even your heart.

Nerves can become inflamed, sometimes due to injury, but in most case, chronic nerve pain in the mouth, is caused by the foods you eat.

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Are You Eating Inflammatory Foods?

Thinking back on your daily intake what foods are you eating that are inflammatory or that you may be intolerant to? This is good place to start when assessing nerve inflammation. Do the foods you eat include animal products such as eggs, dairy and meat? Does your daily intake involve wheat? Are you eating a high amount of processed and fast foods? This could be your problem.

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Inflammatory Foods Cause Inflammation

You may be intolerant to certain foods, and tooth pain is a way that this comes out. Many times tooth pain is present in chronic disease and flare-ups occur when we eat certain foods.

Then, There Are The Foods You’re Not Eating Enough Of

Foods that help to keep nerve pain and all chronic pain at a minimum are well-known nervous system calming or anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits and vegetables. But eating more sweet potatoes everyday can do wonders for keeping tooth pain at bay.

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Sweet Potatoes Are Anti-Aging And Especially Healing For The Nerves

The sweet potato is a low glycemic and highly nourishing plant-based food that is also a favorite of the nervous system. Sweet potatoes are jacked with antioxidants like anti-aging beta-carotene, as well as vitamins and minerals. They are also a good source of vitamin C & E and remarkably, some varieties of sweet potato contain a bit of vitamin D. The sweet potato is a vegan food favorite and has been hailed as an anti-stress food, known to relax the nerves, muscles, ease anxiety, and balance cognitive function. Eating one sweet potato a day can greatly improve your health over time and help to keep nerve inflammation and tooth aches at bay, especially when consumed with a good amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet.