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Soy's Health Claim Gets Revoked By The FDA

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This is big news. For the first time ever the FDA is planning to revoke a health claim that soy is heart healthy.


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The Evidence That Soy Is Healthy Just Isn't Conclusive

The American Heart Association has reviewed evidence that certain foods fight heart disease and decided there wasn’t enough proof that soy lowers cholesterol and reduces heart disease risk. Additionally, review of soy studies claiming heart health showed conflicting evidence on whether soy protein plays a part in lowering heart disease risk.

The evidence simply isn’t conclusive that soy is healthy. “There’s just not enough evidence to say straight up that eating soy protein helps your heart, the agency said.

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Soy Product Labels Will Get Adjusted

As a result, U.S. health regulators want to revoke the health claim that soy is beneficial from cartons of soy milk, tofu and other foods, citing the latest scientific evidence no longer supports this as truth.

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The claim that soy protein can reduce heart disease appears on over 200 to 300 products in the U.S. This includes popular brands of soy milk, according to the FDA.

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Companies Can Sidestepping Downgrade By Using Disclaimers

If the FDA follows through on its plan to revoke soy as heart healthy, companies may still make a less definitive claim about soy's benefits by using a disclaimer.

"We are proposing a rule to revoke a health claim for soy protein and heart disease," said a statement from Susan Mayne, director of the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. "For the first time, we have considered it necessary to propose a rule to revoke a health claim because numerous studies published since the claim was authorized in 1999 have presented inconsistent findings on the relationship between soy protein and heart disease."