Screen Time Morbidly linked To Diabetes In Children


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Mar 14 2017 - 9:07pm
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Are parents allowing too much screen time for their children? A recent study confirms health problems associated with screen time are morbidly affecting their health.

Health problems associated with computer use are nothing new. Television, tablets, laptops, and phone screens are taking children away from jump rope, hopscotch, playing hide and seek, climbing trees, swimming and using their imagination. Inactivity, eating more processed and addictive fast foods, coupled with mindless scrolling, is a recipe for poor health in all children, especially those at higher risk for obesity. Obesity in turn, leads to sluggish liver, insulin resistance, and if left unchecked, ultimately, type 2 diabetes.

New research from The British Medical Journal revealed that too much screen time for children could result in insulin resistance and thus, type 2 diabetes.

Researchers looked at 4495 children aged nine to ten years who were at risk for obesity and reported their daily screen time in objective physical activity. Results showed that those reporting screen time over three hours had higher body fat and insulin resistance than those who spend one hour or less on television and screen time. Further, it was concluded that reducing screen time could facilitate early type 2 diabetes prevention.

Type 2 Diabetes Is Early Stage Liver Disease

While the study didn’t link directly to a diabetes diagnosis, it did suggest what we know to be true: that obesity and insulin resistance are the precursors to prediabetes. If the behaviors of inactivity and poor eating habits continue, so begins the journey of a child to type 2 diabetes.

Notably, type 2 diabetes is a liver issue that stems from what is known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. While obesity is a often a precursor of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, not only those who are obese have the condition. The cause of fatty liver is, in part, due to a poor, processed and fast food diet, high in fat, high in protein and high in fast and processed foods. Other causes may involve toxins such as BPAs from plastics, pesticides and pharmaceuticals in the liver, as well as viral issues.

Many American Children Have Been Hooked On Processed Foods Since Birth

Here is an excerpt from EAT! – Empower. Adjust. Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight which outlines the journey for most children being born into a processed food world.


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“For many Americans, our processed food habit begins before birth. No longer are we born to parents who were breastfed or raised on chemical-free, whole foods, like our great-grandparents were. Today’s children are born to parents raised on processed foods – foods loaded with chemicals, additives, pesticides and GMOs, and they’re exposed to these harmful agents in the very food they eat. Today’s child enters the world with a low vitality and a weakened constitution of health from birth. This, low vitality unfortunately, follows him/her throughout life and is passed along to the next generation. This is why statistics are against our younger generations for longevity. Children born in American are:


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