Science Outlandishly Claims Diabetes Is Caused By Global Warming

diabetes global warming

Science claims the number of cases of diabetes can rise to more than 100,000 cases each year thanks to Global Warming -- the term used to describe the gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans.


Remember when you were a kid and your mother told you to dress warmly on cold winter days because you’d catch a cold? Well there’s some truth to that. Being under or over dressed and exposed to very high/low temperatures, for example, is another way we put stress on the body. This is nothing new to the body since we put stress on the body all the time. We do this by overeating, day-to-day stress, overtraining, and basically over-doing everything. But sometimes this one thing – like going out improperly dressed on a cold winter’s day, or overdressing on a hot summer’s day – can stress our immune system just enough to set the stage for disease. This is called enervation -- a feeling of being drained of energy or vitality. Enervation, as a result of stress on the body, happens on a cellular level, weakening cellular structures and actually draining them of their vitality when the body becomes stressed.

Studies back up the claim that becoming enervated, such as by being too cold or too hot, could certainly stress an already weakened immune system to a point of lower immunity and susceptibility of illness. For example, the body couldn’t fight off a virus, like the human rhinovirus -- the common cold virus, which thrives in cooler weather.

Diabetes Blamed On Global Warming

In the same way, the rise in diabetes has been correlated with Global Warming. Surprisingly, science has asserted that the rise in global temperature correlates with the worldwide rise of diabetes and actually found that the prevalence of glucose intolerance worldwide increased with higher outdoor temperature.

On the basis of the study’s results, a 1°C rise in environmental temperature would account for over 100 000 new diabetes cases per year in the USA alone, given a population of nearly 322 million people in 2015.

Is Warmer Temperature Causing Us to Have Fatty Livers And Be More Prone To Viruses?

So what’s behind these results? Is it that the world is getting warmer and that’s making us hungrier, creating fatty livers that lead to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis? Or, are our bodies simply so stressed by the change in temperature and therefore, more prone to viral illness due to environmental and physiological stressors?


Global warming affecting the rise in diabetes is an interesting theory, but one that doesn’t quite hold up, since type 2 diabetes is a diet-related liver condition that affects the pancreas, and more and more research is showing type 1 diabetes to be viral.

What Can Rising Temperatures Mean For Patients Who Have Already Been Diagnosed With Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?

Researchers claim diabetes patients are affected more by heat than the average non-diabetic population. They assert that damage to blood vessels and nerves from the disease can affect the sweat glands, causing the body to cool inefficiently. This would mean the heightened temperatures affect how the diabetic body uses insulin, increasing the risk of dehydration due to water loss from sweat and leading to increased blood sugar and urination.

So Can Warmer Temperatures Set The Stage For Diabetes?

Even though an association was found between incidences in diabetes, rising glucose intolerance, and increase in mean average temperature, one cannot question that there are weaknesses in the studies. While temperature can certainly cause one to be more prone to disease, it cannot be used as the barometer of causation. What is more, a slight rise in temperature cannot be singled out while we as a nation, have a global health issue, a concerted bad habit of improper eating, enervating stressors and unhealthful lifestyle choices. At the very least, these factors emphasize the need for further research to establish an association between environmental changes and increased incidence of disease, such as diabetes.

Living With, Instead Of Against The Laws of Nature Boosts Immunity

A better way to boost the immune system and in fact, prevent diabetes, is to give the body what it needs to thrive. Since the human body is an instrument of nature, abiding by nature’s laws such as managing stress – both external and diet-related, as well as making natural dietary choices that include more plant-based food options have been shown to strengthen immunity to resist diseases such as diabetes, as well as the effects of slight rises in global temperature.


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