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The Real Reason Wannabe Vegans Can't Let Go Of Cheese

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Does your cheese addiction make it difficult to fully transition to a vegan diet? You're not alone. Many who want to transition to a vegan or plant-based diet struggle with this seeming insurmountable obstacle. The good news is, the cheese habit can be kicked, once you realize what's really causing it.


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There are many perceived obstacles when transitioning to a vegan diet, but one major obstacle for many new vegans, or even those going plant-based, is giving up cheese. Some would rather give up their right arm, than give up cheese and so their attempt to go vegan often fails due to the addiction.

Here’s Why You’re Addicted To Cheese

For some cheese is like a crack addiction.A study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, examines why certain foods are more addictive than others. The findings showed that not all foods are equally implicated in addictive-like eating behavior, but that highly processed foods, which may share characteristics with drugs of abuse (e.g. high dose, rapid rate of absorption) appear to be particularly associated with "food addiction." Pizza topped the list of addicting foods Why? Because sugar.

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Cheese is Sugar

While we don’t often think of it as such, cheese is sugar. In fact, the reason so many people are addicted to pizza is because all three ingredients are a form of sugar – wheat is starch, which converts to sugar, cheese is lactose; a form of dairy sugar and tomato is fructose; a form of fruit sugar .. This is the one reason why people become addicted to it. That being said, the reason so many wannabe vegans are addicted to cheese and struggle to give it up is because they are addicted to its sugar content. The downside is that cheese is the worse kind of sugar -- lactose, which binds to fat.

It’s All About The Brain

Your brain, muscles and nervous system run on glucose and your cheese addiction is an energy source that was giving your brain what it needed to function That being said, the transition off cheese seems to be easier for those going raw vegan. This is likely do to the fact that they are eating adequate amounts of fruit. This transition from cheese to fruit is easier than it would be for someone becoming a junk vegan eating more processed foods.

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The Brain’s Not Picky When It Needs Glucose

When the brain is dragging or lacking for an energy source, it is not picky in what glucose source it will take to function properly. The brain and the body will take what it can get, even if refined sugar for lactose is the only glucose available. However, lactose, from cheese, is high in fat and acidic in the body. These foods aren’t and adequate forms of glucose for the body long term. Eventually, there will be other deficiencies and problems related to the wrong sugar overload and high fat.

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Don’t Get Into The Substitution Trap

There are two traps new vegans fall into when trying to give up cheese. The first is eating cheese substitutes, and the second trap is using nutritional yeast. Both of these practices are a bad idea because cheese alternatives will make you want more cheese and nutritional yeast is a neurotoxin. While there are many debates about nutritional yeast, the truth remains that nutritional yeast is MSG. Some would argue that natural occurring MSG is fine, but this isn’t true. Your organs, particularly your brain cannot differentiate between natural occurring glutamate or industrialized MSG, and neither can your nervous system. Nutritional yeast is one neurotoxin and flavor enhancer the human body is better off without.

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Giving Up Cheese Is Possible

The best way to break your cheese habit is to drop it cold turkey, and increase your intake of fruit. Fruit has the glucose the brain needs, without the fat-binding lactose and the fat. Fruit will also help greatly in transitioning your brain from wanting cheese. Because the brain will be getting the correct glucose it needs to function, you should experience no withdrawals. Start with five to seven fruits each day and feel free to eat more until your craving for cheese subsides. In the end, you’ll be happy you did.



Wow. What a bad piece of unscientific info. If the reason cheese is addicting is its sugar content, then we should be equally addicted to apples or bananas. Dates and honey would be highly addictive foods. Cheese actually has a very low lactose content. Average cheese is 1-2% lactose, even milk has higher lactose content. We should all be addicted to milk. "lactose, from cheese, is high in fat"... I guess this article was written for $5 bucks, so I'm wasting my time commenting here.