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Type 2 Diabetics Can Reverse The Disease Now That Science Confirms Processed Foods Contain Glyphosate

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes With Natural Foods

Science has given the green light to curing fatty liver and consequently reversing Type 2 Diabetes by confirming that the carcinogenic herbicide glyphosate is a cause of fatty liver, which is a precursor to Type 2 Diabetes.


A recent study published in the journal Nature discloses that exposure to Roundup, even in low amounts, is a causative contributor to fatty liver, the underlying condition of Type-2 diabetes. Roundup is an herbicide effective in killing weeds. The problem with that is, Roundup could ultimately kill your liver too.

Glyphosate is the ingredient used in Roundup, which has liberally been sold in garden stores like Lowes and Home Depot all across America without warning labels. However, this is about to change since California now requires Monsanto to label Roundup as a probable cancer threat in accordance with The World Health Organization’s declaration of glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. The Nature journal findings could highlight why so many who eat processed foods in America become obese suffering with high cholesterol, blood pressure and consequently, Type 2 diabetes.

Wheat Is Found In Almost All Processed Foods

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It is only until you attempt to eliminate wheat from your diet that you’ll realize wheat is in almost every processed food from bread to chicken stock. What most people who suffer from diabetes don’t realize is, by eating a diet high in processed foods, particularly those that contain wheat, and inevitably glyphosate, are contributing to their disease.

Being A Consumer Doesn’t Mean Consuming Glyphosate

Wheat in the U.S. is heavily doused in Glyphosate to “dry it down” for easier harvest. While there are testimonials that swear using glyphosate to dry down wheat is safe, others disagree. While using glyphosate to dry down wheat might be safe for the wheat, ultimately it is you, the consumer, who ends up eating it and pays the price with ill health. If you’re lucky, you’ll only end up with insulin resistance from a fatty liver, which is reversible by eliminating processed foods and making other healthful changes to your diet. If you’re not, you’ll be one of the ninety to ninety five percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes, who are unknowingly progressing your Type 2 Diabetes.

How To Cure Fatty Liver And Ultimately Heal Type 2 Diabetes

Luckily the liver regenerates itself when given proper nutrients and removing foods containing glyphosate from the diet. Nourishing vitamins and minerals found in organic plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables and especially wild foods, such as dandelion and nettle leaf, go a long way nature’s treatment to cure fatty liver and reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Eliminating processed food completely from the diet and replacing processed foods with whole foods and wild foods will not only reverse Type 2 Diabetes but will continually improve your health as long as you put in the effort.



I literally was just told by a physician today that type 2 diabetes is NOT curable but only manageable. This is contrary to what my prior physician told me, stating, I was in a catagory being close to pre-diabetes but could reverse it completely with a change in diet which is what I did. This took me out of this stage but only to find out today with this new physician that I have type 2 diabetes even though my blood work came back at 5.2 with 6.8 being the pre-diabetes stage. I actually lowered it by 2 points since my last visit which was a very positive outlook, contrary to what I was told today with better blood work results. Should I take this seriously or is she right out of mefical school. Is this the same as going for an oil change just to be told I need a new transmission ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Blessed be.