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Organic Pest Control You Can Do Yourself

DIY Organic Pest Control Bugs

Got bed bugs, ants, stink bugs, spiders, mice or any other small infestation? Don't waste money on a pest control company. You won't believe how easy (and healthy) homemade organic pest control is to do yourself!


We Are Over-Exposed To Pesticides

There are enough pesticides in the environment and on the foods we eat that contribute to making us and our loved one's sick. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is bring more chemicals into your home by calling in a pest control company to spray insecticides. Homemade organic pest control is a safer alternative and more economical too.

Pesticides Are Toxic

When it comes to homemade organic pest control, health and safety are the priority. We have long known that human exposure to pesticides is linked to health problems. Scientists from the University of Montreal and Harvard University released a study that found exposure to pesticide residues on vegetables and fruits may double a child’s risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition that can cause inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in children. Other research has shown that pesticide use is an antagonist to the Epstein Barr Virus. Therefore, exterminating chemicals pose the highest threat to your family and your pet’s health. Calling in a pest control company for a small infestation is expensive can completely be avoided by employing a few simple measures.

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Organic Pest Control Puts A Greater Emphasis On Cleaning

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Green pest control is clean pest control. The first thing to do when you encounter a infestation is to get cleaning. Most, if not all smaller infestations can be solved by vacuuming with the correct equipment. Typically a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter Pro-team vacuums works best and should be used on mattress, in windows, behind furniture and other places pests may hide.

A professional and affordable steam cleaner is another great investment if you’re dealing with any small infestation since using a steamer goes a long way in cleaning upholstery, stairs and window treatments affordably and easily.

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Get Your Cork On

Perhaps the most important part of your organic pest control cleaning entails sealing up cracks and crevices and filling up bigger holes with steel wool. Using products containing essential oils goes a long way toward keeping infestations at bay. To keep costs low, washing down moldings, woodwork and floors with Murphy’s Oil Soap repels pests as they find the scent of it repulsive.

Lavender essential oil is a terrific natural disinfectant and insecticide, which can be used safely around pets, children, and the elderly. Additionally, most insects, particularly ants, hate the smell of orange essential oil and citronella, which can easily be mixed with water on a spray bottle and used safely and effectively on kitchen counters.

Avoid High Pest Control Costs

The one thing many pest control companies don’t want you to know is that any infestation can be controlled with proper cleaning. Homemade organic pest control is about taking control of infestations in a non-toxic, safe and effective manner. Impeccable home hygiene is by far the most effective and practical way to remove small bug and rodent infestations from reoccurring at a very low cost. Cleaning, sealing up cracks and holes, thoroughly vacuuming and washing down floors, windowsills and tight spaces and using essential oils is without a doubt, the best homemade organic pest control that you can do yourself!