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This One Vegan Food Is A Potent Inhibitor of HIV

Vegan banana HIV

Nature has your back when it comes to healing, which is why so many today are going on a plant-based diet. However, the banana, a commonly available food, has shown to have potent antiviral healing benefits especially when it comes to ending HIV.


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Most Fruits Are AntiViral

It is a little-known fact that the most commonly available fruit is a hidden treasure when it comes to inhibiting viruses from spreading. The banana is a hugely antiviral and healing fruit. High in potassium, copper, manganese, vitamin C and B6, bananas are pleasant tasting, healing, easily digested, hydrating (more than 75% water) and a great source of electrolyte replenishment.

The Proof Is In The Pietri Dish

Researchers put bananas in a Pietri dish with (HIV) the human immunodeficiency virus, and the virus died. Now, researchers are seeking ways to create a medication from banana lectin (scientifically renamed BanLec) to stop HIV. BanLec is a jacalin-related lectin isolated from the fruit of the banana, The banana lectin binds to high mannose carbohydrate structures, including those found on viruses containing glycosylated envelope proteins such as human immunodeficiency virus type-1 and stops them the virus in its tracks.

The significant study published in the Journal Of Biological Chemistry confirmed that BanLec is a potent anti-viral microbicide that could be used to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV-1.

Furthermore, BanLec is able to block HIV-1 cellular entry as indicated by temperature-sensitive viral entry studies and by the decreased levels of the strong-stop product of early reverse transcription seen in the presence of BanLec.Thus the data indicated that BanLec inhibits HIV-1 infection by blocking cellular entry. The relative anti-HIV activity of BanLec compared favorably to other anti-HIV lectins, such as snowdrop lectin and Griffithsin, and to T-20 and maraviroc, two anti-HIV drugs currently in clinical use.

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Bananas Are Hugely Antiviral

It is not untypical for science to look toward nature to heal viruses. While most fruits and generally anti-viral the banana has an amazing ability to stop the proliferation of viral activity. This is why the banana is the ultimate food. Therefore it is no surprise that researchers have determined that banana lectin inhibits HIV-1 and possesses potent anti-HIV activity.

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What You Can Do Now

The good news is you can get a jumpstart on taking down the viral load in your body by eating several ripened bananas daily. Bananas contain powerful anti-fungal and antibiotic compounds as well as protease inhibitors, which can help stop viruses in their tracks.

Never underestimate the power of fruit. If it is organic, and better yet, freshly grown, fruit has amazing antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer healing benefits. So why wait years for clinical trials to get a jumpstart on regaining your health? Start eating more bananas today. A great way to begin is to eat 2-3 bananas for breakfast each day, then increase the amount as you desire. Eating bananas when they are spotted provides the most healing benefit while eating unripe bananas can cause constipation and other adverse reactions such as heartburn. If you have a problem eating bananas, start slowly by eating what you can tolerate and build from there.