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This One Vegan Favorite Is High In Toxic Heavy Metals

 Chocolate Heavy Metals Nutrition

Chocolate is by far a favorite food of vegans and vegetarians but independent research has shown chocolate can be hazardous to your health. If you're having neurological symptoms such as neuropathy, tingling of the hands and feet, blurry vision and headaches, you'll may want to stay away from chocolate.


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Heavy Metals Are A Silent Threat

Heavy metals are contaminating our food, water and health supplements for animals and man. The major source of heavy metal consumption is caused by the pollution of our air, water and soils by agribusiness, industry and the public. Perhaps more sadly, there is one source of heavy metals lurking in your favorite vegan treat.

Chocolate Is An Added Source Of Heavy Metals

You may have read studies about the health benefits of eating chocolate, however, independent research has uncovered a potential health risk in popular chocolate brands that not many people consider – chocolate. Some big name brand chocolates have been shown to be high toxic metals like lead and cadmium.

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Chocolate Companies Are Not Coming Clean

Independent laboratory testing by As You Sow, A California Based Watch Dog Group tested 70 chocolate products and revealed high levels of heavy metals lead and cadmium. The research found that 45 of the 70 chocolate products contain lead and/or cadmium above the approved levels of California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65) The top offenders were Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, Mondelēz, Lindt, Whole Foods, Kroger, Godiva, See’s Candies, Mars, Theo Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Ghirardelli, Earth Circle Organics, for failing to provide the legally required warning to consumers that the products contain cadmium or lead, or both.

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“As underscored by the Flint disaster, humans have contaminated our environment with lead, and now we must do everything in our power to protect ourselves and our children, who are the most vulnerable of us, from every possible exposure,” said Sean Palfrey, MD, a pediatrician and Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health at Boston University School of Medicine. “Young children and pregnant women especially should avoid exposure to lead.”

Lead And Cadmium Are Particularly Toxic

Lead and cadmium are both listed under the California Act as reproductive toxins. What is more, cadmium causes kidney, liver and bone damage and impairs neurobehavioral development.



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