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The One Vegan Beverage That Can Wreck Your Gums

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Many people can’t get a jump-start on their day without having a nice hot cup, or three, of Joe in the morning. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find any coffee drinker, vegan or non-vegan, who would voluntarily give this morning ritual up, even though this vegan brew, sans the cream and sugar, may be doing some serious damage to your gums.


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Coffee is Vegan

Coffee, in and of itself, is vegan -- it comes from plant after all. It is beverage routinely taken by many throughout the day for borrowed energy. Aside from the stimulating effect coffee has your body, whenwhat it really requires is rest, coffee is capable of doing some slow and steady destructive work to your gums according to Anthony William, Medical Medium and NY Times Best Selling Author Of Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables -- and it causes this destruction while you’re asleep.

How Coffee Wrecks Your Gums

Sure coffee is stimulating - -it gets the juices flowing and it has you running on borrowed energy throughout the day. Coffee is also highly acidic, and a cause for indigestion, even if it’s silent indigestion. Not only is indigestion one of the main causes of insomnia, it’s also the reason coffee is wrecking your gums.

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Gut health Dictates Gum Health

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Low stomach acid happens as we grow older and it can create a lot of problems in your body such as the more obvious gastric reflux or GERD, or other silent symptoms of indigestion that happen during the night. Hydrochloric acid – the acid in your stomach -- is a protective acid that keeps everything running smoothly when you have enough of it. But, when your stomach loses its hydrochloric acid, toxic acids can take over during the night while you sleep and can come back into the throat eroding the gums, according to William.

Poor Diet And Food Choices Also Affects Gut Health

High fat and protein diets contribute to slowed digestion, constipation and a back-up of movement of food in the gut. This slowing of digestion creates ammonia gas, which arises up into the mouth from the throat also deteriorating the gums during the night.

Poor food choices such as coffee add to GERD episodes and to the toxic acids in the body that creep back into the mouth during the night. Over time this unwelcomed silent reflux of acid can do serious damage to gums, receding them and causing problems with your teeth.

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Reduce Coffee Intake To Improve Receding Gums

If you are seeing problems with your gums it may be necessary to drastically cut back on your coffee intake. While this isn’t easy, begin by swapping out coffee with healing herbal teas that calm the stomach such as ginger and peppermint tea. Eating more fruits and vegetables that are high in mineral salts will help to replenish protective stomach acid according to Willam. Celery and fennel are great for replenishing hydrochloric acid if you juice them and drink them on an empty stomach, as well as fruits like cucumbers.

In fact, substituting fruit as a pick-me up in the morning and during the day instead of coffee, will add some necessary nourishment and fiber to your diet and will pick up your digestion stopping the backflow of ammonia and other toxic acids from eroding your gums.