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The One Simple DIY Tip That Keeps Ants Off Your Counters Naturally

DIY Green Pest Control Ants Essential Oil

A sure sign of warmer weather is an ant or two crawling on your kitchen counter. Here's an simple DIY green pest control tip for how to get ants out of your house naturally, and avoid more from showing up safely and naturally.


How To Get Ants Out Of Your House Is Easier Than You’d Imagine

It’s that time of year when the bees buzz, the birds sing and the random ant shows up in your kitchen counter. This scout ant is just of hint of what’s to come, and you’ll want to be swift in how you handle its departure, eliminating any scent trail it creates for it’s worker ants to invade your counter tops.

As a personal preference, I’d take ants any day in lieu of having a pest control company spray commercial pesticides inside my home. That being said, ants are unwelcome pests that need to be re-directed out of your home without leaving any toxic residue that may affect your children or your pets.

Avoiding small infestations, such as spring or red ants, may involve a tiny bit of work on your part, but it’s worth the effort. It’s also non-toxic and more affective than calling in a professional.

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Understanding How Ants Behave

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Half of knowing how to get rid of ants is to understand how they behave. To put it simply, ants work as a team to get as much food as possible back to their colony. They get this food from the crumbs left behind in your kitchen, then team-it into the cracks and crevices in your countertops.

When an ant or two walks across your counter top it leaves a scent behind. This scent trail guides other ants to and from the colony. Your simple strategy is to disrupt that scent trail so that even if one or two ants pop up on your countertop, others won’t appear.

The Do’s Of Green Pest Control

One of the major rules of green pest control is doing some basic housecleaning. Dirty counter tops serve as an invitation for ants to congregate, so you’ll want to keep your counter tops and floors as clean as possible. Vacuuming and removing clutter goes a long way in avoiding small infestations. Keeping floors crumb-free also goes a long way toward keeping ants from visiting your home.

Cork It Up

Eliminating options for entry into your homespace is another major rule of DIY green pest control. Corking the tiles, or ledges around your sink and cabinets is another way ants can get in. If you have a kitchen window, you might want to apply some fresh corking there as well. Emptying kitchen trash frequently also helps greatly to avoid attracting ants.

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Orange You Glad You Decided To DIY?

Removing the scent trail and deterring the ants from returning into your home is the best strategy for avoiding a spring ant infestation. The way to do this is with orange essential oil. Citrus is toxic to ants. The scent of orange repels them and also cancels out the scent the ants leave behind for their workers. A spray bottle with some water and a few drops of orange essential oil is how to get ants out of your house and all you need to keep ants off your counter. While this may smell badly to an ant, it is quite pleasant to the human nose. As a bonus, if you have a cat, you’ll find the orange scent keeps them off counters as well.