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This One Plant-based Fat Calms Crohn’s Disease Flare-ups According To Research

Crohn's Disease Coconuts Plant-based

Score another point for plants! While a high fat diet isn’t a good diet for anyone for any length of time, adding coconut to the diet has proven to be an immensely helpful Crohn's disease treatment based on new research.


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Research from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has found that including fat from coconuts into the diet is a highly effective Crohn's disease treatment that has lead to specific positive changes in gut bacteria that help to fight inflammation. This is a major discovery for patients dealing with Crohn's disease – an inflammation of the intestinal lining, that causes debilitating intestinal swelling, cramping, and diarrhea. The disease affects half a million people in the United States.

The new study showed that a diet high in plant-derived "good" fats, such as coconut oil or cocoa butter, drastically reduced bacterial diversity in mice with Crohn's-like disease. What is more, the mice that were fed the “good fat” had up to thirty percent fewer kinds of gut bacteria as those fed a normal diet, as well as a very different gut microbial composition. Some of the changes showed up in feces, while others were shown in the cecum -- the portion of the intestine commonly inflamed in Crohn's disease. Mice fed even low concentrations of coconut oil or cocoa butter also had less severe small intestine inflammation.

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Coconut Protects The Body From Virus’ And Bacteria

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Coconuts are one of the most healing and popular plant-based foods due to their anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities. The active ingredient in coconuts – monolaurin, is particularly helpful in ridding the body of viruses and improving gut-health, and can also be supplemented.

Science Strongly Suspects That Crohn’s Disease Is Caused By A Virus

Although the cause of Crohn’s disease isn’t immediately known to medical science, a 2015 peer-reviewed study published in the journal Cell, has strongly linked viruses with inflammatory disease which may explain why coconut works so well in calming a flare-up. The finding showed that patients with inflammatory bowel diseases had a greater variety of viruses in their digestive systems than their healthy counterparts, suggesting that a virus plays a strong role in the disease.

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Other Soothing Anti-Viral Foods Soothing For Crohn’s Sufferers

Other gut-health enhancing and incredibly soothing plant-based foods for Crohn’s patients in addition to coconuts, should include papaya, aloe juice, and avocado, taken daily. These foods are highly nourishing,as well as an anti-viral Crohn's disease treatment. What is more, they are particularly helpful for binding to bad bacteria in the gut and removing it from the body.