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The One Natural Food That Cures Acid Reflux and Reverses Type 2 Diabetes

Celery As A Natural Treatment for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Celery doesn't only cure acid reflux, and reverse Type 2 diabetes, but has many other phenomenal health benefits and is one of the most humble, yet powerful, natural healing treatments on earth.


By now you may have heard the untold truth that Type 2 Diabetes isn’t only an affliction of the pancreas, but a liver issue. You may have also heard that simply removing fat from the diet can reverse Type 2 Diabetes, and these things are true. But what you may not of heard, until now, is there’s one natural treatment that does the work of your cholesterol, high blood pressure, and acid reflux medications combined, when you drink it regularly.

This phenomenal food is celery.

Celery is the most powerful on earth to eat, and even drink! This background vegetable, that you sometimes find in your soup, packs a big nutritional punch as a natural treatment for acid reflux. The amazing celery stalk is loaded with natural healing properties that are just now being explored by medical and nutritional science. Here are some of the benefits of celery for Acid Reflux, Type 2 Diabetes and more.

Celery Cleanses The Organs

Celery doesn’t only boast high amounts alkalinity, anti-inflammatory properties and mineral salts. Celery also has the amazing ability to cleanse your organs of toxins, particularly your thyroid, liver and kidneys. That’s big news if you’re working on reversing Type 2 diabetes.

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Celery Is High In Mineral Salts

Thanks to its high mineral salt content, celery is stellar at aiding the stomach and works faster than any anti-acid to reverse acid reflux, because it addresses your unique blend of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and multiplies it.

Celery Improves Heart And Brain Health

Ever the multi-tasker, celery’s mineral salts also improve heart and brain function. Has your heart doctor told you, you have an “electrical problem” and may require a pacemaker? Give yourself two weeks on sixteen ounces a day of celery juice daily and watch your condition improve. As for brain function, celery together with adding more fruit to the diet can drastically relieve panic attacks, and anxiety. Celery juice even been know to alleviate symptoms of OCD.

Celery Helps With Vascular Issues

What’s more, since liver issues cause vascular issues, and Type 2 Diabetes is affiliated with both liver and vascular issues, clearing out the liver of toxins with celery juice certainly gives you more than one reason to start drinking it today! Celery is readily available at supermarkets everywhere. If you can get organic celery, this is preferred.

Your healing, and consequently your overall health, should be about efficiency. Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, incorporate one or even two glasses of celery juice into your daily regimen every day, drastically lower the fat in your diet as this most potent natural treatment for Type 2 Diabetes can begin. What are you waiting for?



Wow, what a wonderful natural food find celery is. I have diverticulitis, diabetes, hypothyroidism and spinal stenosis. I intend to pursue this find. At least as t it will not make me broke from paying so much money for prescriptions that don't really work anyway. Thanks