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This One Mineral Knocks Back Colds And Flu Naturally

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It’s a tall order to call on one mineral to knock out colds and flu, but it is entirely possible. Zinc is an immune-boosting superhero when it comes to knocking back cold, flu symptoms and more naturally, but sadly you’re deficient in it.


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Zinc Tested On Taking Down A Cold

As a possible treatment for common colds, researchers tested zinc gluconate lozenges in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial.

One 23-mg zinc lozenge or matched placebo was dissolved in the mouth every two wakeful hours after an initial double dose. After 7 days, 86% of 37 zinc-treated subjects were asymptomatic, compared with only 46% of 28 placebo-treated subjects.

Side effects or complaints were usually minor and consisted mainly of objectionable taste and mouth irritation.

The study concluded that Zinc lozenges shortened the average duration of common colds by about 7 days.

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You Are Zinc Deficient

Unless you are eating large amounts of zinc-rich foods like apricots, red cherries, pumpkin seeds or even seafood, you’d be hard pressed find adequate amounts of zinc in your diet, the food supply or in the soil. Unfortunately, the more pollution and pesticides we encounter, the more zinc we lose, and the fruits and vegetables we grow for food no longer contain this essential mineral.

Supplementing with a quality concentrated ionic zinc, one to two times daily, can go along way toward helping you knock back a cold or the flu naturally, or otherwise, prevent it. Further, taking ionic zinc concentrate at the onset of colds or flu works miraculously to shorten the duration.

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Zinc Can Protect Against Many Diseases

Other research shows that zinc starves bacteria to stop infection. Zinc is highly effective stopping bacterial infections, particularly, streptococcus. In fact. the reason strep is more prevalent than ever is due to zinc deficiency. This is partly because the zinc-rich foods aren't eaten, and because the soil many of these foods are grown in is depleted from herbicide and pesticide use.

“The finding, by infectious disease researchers at the University of Adelaide and The University of Queensland, opens the way for further work to design antibacterial agents in the fight against Streptococcus pneumoniae.”