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The One Food Hypoglycemics Need To Eat More Of

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Hypoglycemia can cause dizziness. a feeling of extreme hunger, headache. confusion, an inability to concentrate, sweating. shaking. blurred vision and more, but hypoglycemia can be reversed by eating more of this one food.


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What is Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia, also called low blood sugar, occurs when blood sugar decreases to below normal levels. This results in a variety of symptoms including clumsiness, slurring of speech, confusion, loss of consciousness, seizures or perhaps death. A feeling of hunger, sweating, shakiness, and weakness may also be present. Hypoglycemia is the first indication of Type 2 diabetes -- a liver issue that affects the pancreas.

Hypoglycemia Is An Early Indication of Fatty Liver.

There are many hypoglycemia causes. One major cause is a fatty liver. Fatty liver is typically caused by viral or bacterial bugs housed in the liver, a high fat, high protein diet, pharmaceuticals, and environmental toxins lingering in the liver, such as BPA’s and pesticides. Because the liver overwhelmed, it encases itself in a protective layer of fat to avoid further intake of bugs or toxins.

This protective process can work against the processes of your body. As the liver closes itself off it uses up its precious glucose storage. As a result, your liver bounces back any glucose you take in instead of storing it, leaving your pancreas to pick up the slack. Over time, this maxes out the pancreas. As a result, your pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, or can't use it the right way.

Typically, when hypoglycemia hits, many people reach for a quick fix of sugar. This can be a sugary drink, or a candy bar or some other quick form of glucose, but in the end, these practices aren’t helping the liver, because what the liver needs is more fruit.

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But fruit is sugar you say? Fruit is the correct form of natural sugar or glucose – the type that together with a low-fat diet helps the fatty liver to heal over time, eventually ending sugar lows and the burden on the pancreas.

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Researchers investigated the effects of sucrose ingested with blackcurrants and lingonberries on postprandial glucose, insulin, and free fatty acid responses.

The study included twenty healthy women participating in a randomized, controlled, crossover meal study. The women consumed whole blackcurrants or lingonberries (150 g served as purées) or blackcurrant or lingonberry nectars (300 mL), each with added sucrose. Sucrose alone was used as a reference. Blood samples were collected at 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120 min.

In comparison with sucrose alone, ingestion of sucrose with whole berries resulted in reduced glucose and insulin concentrations during the first 30 min and a slower decline during the second hour and a significantly improved glycemic profile. The berries prevented the sucrose-induced late postprandial hypoglycemic response and the compensatory free fatty acid rebound. Nearly similar effects were observed when sucrose was consumed with berry nectars. The improved responses were evident despite the higher content of available carbohydrate in the berry and nectar meals, because of the natural sugars present in berries.

The study concluded that blackcurrants and lingonberries, as either whole berries or nectars, optimize the post-meal metabolic responses to sucrose. The responses are consistent with delayed digestion of sucrose and consequent slower absorption of glucose.

Therefore, not only was there no additional blood sugar spike, there was no hypoglycemic dip afterward. The blood sugar simply went up, then down without an insulin splurge and without a surge of fat into the bloodstream.

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Best Food For Reversing Hypoglycemia Is Fruit

If you are suffering from hypoglycemia, fruit is the best food to rely on for helping the liver get back to its business of storing glucose and alleviating the burden on the pancreas. Eating more fruits such as wild blueberries, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, citrus and more are essential to avoid hypoglycemic spikes, and eventually, end them.