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The One Food Diabetics Should Eat More Of To Strengthen The Pancreas Naturally

Fruit helps to strengthen pancreas naturally in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics

Science proves fruit together with a low fat diet strengthens the pancreas naturally.


A ground-breaking study published in the Journal Cell, has blown the lid off some old beliefs regarding the function of the human pancreas. The study revealed that the pancreas can regenerate itself given the proper conditions. This not-so-new news gives renewed hope to Type 2 diabetics who’ve been told by practitioners that the disease is irreversible. However, this also means diabetic patients, and their practitioners, need to get over their fear of fruit, because it is the one food that works to strengthen the pancreas naturally.

Not surprisingly, science has known since a 1955 peer-reviewed study in The Lancet that lowering fat in the diet, and increasing carbohydrates, particularly fruits and vegetables, can regenerate the pancreas.

The study was done before Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes were classified, therefore, we can only assume the subjects were Type 1 diabetics. The study looked at eighty patients, with insulin-sensitive diabetes. The patients were treated with a diet containing an ounce or less of fat, (twenty to thirty gram,) four ounces of protein, and liberal amounts of carbohydrate (approximately sixty percent) according to energy requirement. Urine tests were used to monitor sugar levels.

As a result, insulin dosage was progressively reduced as patients became sugar-free at each level. What’s more, most of the patients did not require insulin after three to six weeks. Some patients were able to dispense with insulin after eighteen weeks and some continued to require small doses. In a follow-up study of the patients no longer requiring insulin, serial glucose tolerance tests were made on seven, of whom five showed a return to normal.

Removing Fat Is The Way Out for Type 2 Diabetics

More recent research confirms that lowering fat is key for reversing type 2 diabetes, and its precursor, fatty liver. Nourishment, from plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables work synergistically to strengthen the pancreas naturally, restoring function and improving overall health.

Embarking on this healing journey involves eliminating all processed foods, as well as dairy, wheat, eggs, and fat, (particularly fat from animal protein) from the diet.

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Generally, low glycemic index fruits, such as berries -- especially wild blueberries, work to heal and strengthen the pancreas naturally. Citrus, and apples which score low on the glycemic index, but are super high in phytonutrients, are another healing fruit to enjoy daily due to the incredible bioavailable vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties these foods hold.

Some other berries to incorporate into your diet every day include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries elderberries and gooseberries. Begin increasing these fruits in your diet as your insulin intake drops and then slowly incorporate more into the diet.

Not Only Does Fruit Restore The Pancreas In Diabetics, It Helps In Avoiding all Disease

The pancreas notwithstanding, when the body begins its healing work, it heals everything as it strengthens immunity to resist disease. New research, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, and led by scientists from Imperial College London, analyzed ninety-five studies on fruit and vegetable intake and found that although the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day reduced disease risk, the greatest benefit came from eating ten portions a day to avoid disease.

The massive study included up to two million people, and assessed up to 43,000 cases of heart disease, 47,000 cases of stroke, 81,000 cases of cardiovascular disease, 112,000 cancer cases and 94,000 deaths estimated approximately 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide could be prevented yearly if people ate ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Why Juicing And Smoothies Might Not Be A Good Idea For diabetics

Eating fruit is clearly the way to go for strengthening the pancreas naturally for diabetics. However, since juicing and smoothies may deliver sugar in blunt force, it’s best that fresh juices and smoothies are avoided until health returns. Eating fruits, as opposed to juicing or blending them, raises blood glucose gently. This is because the fiber in fruit, acts to slow the release of sugar slowly and steadily into the bloodstream.

Skeptical or not, increasing the amount of fruit in the diabetic's diet is nothing to fear as long as you work closely with your practitioner. While ten portions of fruit each day may sound like a tall order for diabetics, increasing the amount of fruit in the diet slowly is a positive step toward strengthening the pancreas naturally.