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One Big Reason Moms Should Test For Heavy Metal Toxicity Before Conception

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What if one simple measure taken before conception could allay the fears of your unborn child having autism, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, vaccine injury and more? Heavy metal toxicity has been discovered to be a catalyst in these conditions, and according to new research, are inherited from generations past. Heavy metals are dangerous because they accumulate in blood tissues, feeding bacterial bugs and viruses that contribute to many childhood and adult disorders. However, heavy metal removal methods can be employed safely and naturally.


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Heavy metal toxicity as well as heavy metal removal methods aren’t on the radar when it comes to children’s preventative health, but it soon will be because heavy metal toxicity can no longer be ignored.

Heavy metal toxicity is a type of poisoning of the body’s tissues. Heavy metals accumulate in human tissue of both children and adults and their goal is to wreak havoc on the neurological and endocrine systems. Heavy metal toxicity can also exacerbate any viral or bacterial issues. Heavy metals are “food” for viral bugs such as the Epstein Barr Virus, as well as bacterial bugs such as Streptococcus A or B, E. coli, C. difficile, H. pylori, and yeast.

Where do Heavy Metals Come From?

The heavy metals we inherit are passed on through our family bloodline and can be centuries old. It is these “old” metals that pose the greatest threat to your current health as well as the health of your baby.

The danger comes when toxic heavy metals oxidize from eating a high fat diet, bleeding, then causing damage to surrounding tissue and causing chronic inflammation. Heavy metals literally poison the human body inflicting damage on the brain, liver, digestive system, and nervous system. Toxic heavy metals also put a huge burden on your immune system, leaving you and your newborn vulnerable to disease.

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Heavy Metals Are Catalysts To Children’s Poor Health, ADHD, Autism and More

Heavy metals are strongly linked to ADD, according to a study published Journal of Tropical Pediatrics. Heavy metal toxicity has also been strongly linked to Autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety mood disorders, and has also been linked to Alzheimer’s, brain fog and memory loss issues in adults, and much more according to research.

Heavy Metals Are Inherited

A recent study published in the journal Nature shows children could inherit heavy metals from past generations going back hundreds of years.The study recruited 35 mother-infant pairs in Detroit and measured their whole blood lead levels and DNA methylation levels from current blood and neonatal blood from both the mother and the child.

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Researchers found that mothers with high neonatal blood lead levels correlate with altered DNA methylation in their children’s neonatal blood. The study’s results suggest that Pb exposure during pregnancy affects the DNA methylation status of the fetal germ cells, which leads to altered DNA methylation in grandchildren’s neonatal dried blood spots.

This is the first demonstration that an environmental exposure in pregnant mothers can have an epigenetic effect on the DNA methylation pattern in the grandchildren.

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Then There’s New Heavy Metal Exposure

We live in a toxic world. Heavy metals are all around us. Heavy metals are in our air, our dentist’s office -- they’re in our oceans, in our fish. They're abundant in pesticides and herbicides that are on our conventionally grown foods and on our lawns, which puts them front and center in our public parks, and condominiums, golf courses and anywhere luscious landscaping is grown.

Early signs of heavy metal toxicity in babies and children show as cradle cap in babies, eczema, and as psoriasis in adults.These conditions are symptoms of inherited heavy metals in the liver.

Heavy metals testing is a good preventative and common sense measure toward knowing the level of heavy metals you have and that your child will inherit, and can be the difference between your decision to remove heavy metals before pregnancy or prolong vaccinations post pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to know your levels of inherited heavy metals before conception as well as the heavy metal load borne to your child before they become further exposed to these environmental toxins.

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Heavy Metal Removal Methods To Remove Heavy Metals From The Body

Heavy metal removal methods don't have to be complicated. The only way to remove heavy metals from the body is by eating foods that help to systematically remove them. This can be done with natural organic foods that bind to heavy metals and remove them from the body. It also helps to keep these heavy metal removing foods a part of your diet. Foods such as cilantro, parsley, wild blueberries, Atlantic Dulse, spirulina, and Barley grass juice extract taken daily as a smoothie will bind to heavy metals and remove them safely and effectively from your body. This natural method is far more nourishing and effective than doing trendy heavy metal detoxes and chelating protocols that can be harsh and depleting. What is more, this harsh heavy metal removal is largely ineffective in completely taking heavy metals from the body.

As long as you are eating a low fat plant-based organic diet, and avoiding further heavy metal exposure, you can begin natural removal of heavy metals six months to one year before conception for best results.



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