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Norovirus Hits The Olympics, Staffers Quarantined

Olympic games Norovirus

Authorities are trying to keep Norovirus from spreading at the Pyeongchang Olympics, but new cases are being reported.


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Norovirus Is Spreading At The Olympics

Alarmingly, norovirus has become an uninvited guest at the Olympics.

Five additional cases of norovirus have been reported at the Pyeongchang Olympics. This brings the total of confirmed cases of norovirus to 199 since the beginning of the February. However, authorities say 154 of those affected have recovered and been released from quarantine.

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Staffers Quarantined

Earlier in the Olympics, about 1,200 security workers were sequestered over the fear of norovirus spreading, forcing the military to intervene.

Norovirus is a common, infectious pathogen that is characterized by diarrhea and vomiting but doesn’t require medical treatment.

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Boosting Immune Systems

Signs have been posted throughout the Olympics reminding everyone to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. However, there are other ways to avoid the norovirus from spreading. Supplementing with vitamin C and a quality zinc sulfate is a powerful immune booster to ward off norovirus. Taking zinc, one to two times, ensuring, eating adequate rest, daily goes a long way toward stopping the spread of norovirus at the Olympic games.



Oh that's not good, literally giving them the runs.
Apparently Colloidal Silver works great on Norovirus.
Some people say Ginger plus lemon and honey honey together they speeds up recovery.