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No, Your Pet Can’t Go Vegan

Dog Cat Vegan Diet

There is a dangerous trend of vegan dog and cat owners feeding their pets a vegan diet. Not only is feeding your cat or dog going against the very nature of what they need to thrive, it can be disastrous for their health and shorten their life.


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One of the biggest dilemmas of being vegan is loving animals and owning pets goes along with that. What makes it difficult for some vegans is accepting that your dog or cat is by nature a carnivore. Whether it’s buying a bag of kibble, canned food or (gasp) raw meat, if you want your pet to live it’s longest and healthiest life (and spare yourself the high vet bills) your cat or dog has got to be fed a species-appropriate diet.

According to Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, holistic vet and hardcore vegetarian, "What I will never understand though, is why many vegans feel it's ok to force their personal viewpoints and their personal choices onto their dog or cat. Humans -- homo sapiens are omnivores, meaning our bodies can digest plant material and animal tissues both. Dogs and cats are carnivores, which means they are meat eaters and they don't digest plant material very efficiently at all."

Your pet depends on you to give them what they need to survive. If it were up to them and your dog or cat had the chance to hunt for their own food, they would choose raw meat. If you love your pet, you’ve got to respect this about them and give them the diet they need despite your own beliefs.

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What’s A Vegan To Do?

While you may be able to justify avoiding animal products in your own diet, you’ve got to take one for the team when it comes to your pet. Your beloved dog or cat needs meat. This is a law dictated by nature, not by man. If your dog or cat is fed and improper diet you run the risk of serious deficiencies and loss of life. You cannot feed your dog or cat a veggie meal every night without causing harm. The last thing you want to do as an animal lover is deplete your pet of what it needs to thrive.

You Can Incorporate Some Vegan Foods Into Your Pets Daily Diet

To offset the guilt of having to interact with meat and feed it to your pet, you may be happy to know there are some safe foods you can add to their diet daily that will benefit them and boost their health.

Sweet Potato

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The incredible edible sweet potato is one of the most healing foods for both humans and pets. The sweet potatoes is one of the most nourishing, healthy, and nerve-calming foods on the planet. They boast a good dose of antioxidants alike beta-carotene as well as vitamins and minerals that can help keep your pets eyesight and skin healthy, and pets love them. The sweet potato is also great for high-strung dogs and they tend to soothe the nervous system. Serve sweet potato to your dog steamed or baked, with the skin on, or mash them into your pets favorite food daily to keep your pet in optimal health.

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Dogs may love fruit more than cats, since cats are true carnivores, but give it a try anyway -- your pet can enjoy the nourishing and protective benefits of fruit. In fact, there are papaya and coconut dog treats available online that are grain free. Fresh apple, banana, wild blueberries and even cantaloupe given as bites-side treats can be enjoyed by your pet, but be sure not to feed any pits and seeds from the fruits as these can harm them. Also sharing a bit of your fresh morning juice or smoothie can be beneficial for pets too. Coconut oil is especially beneficial to cats because it helps with the removal of hairballs.


Both dogs and cats need greens. They tend to get their share of greens from eating grass, but don’t often get beneficial amounts if they are indoor pets. If you never thought your pets would eat greens, try giving them Spirulina. Spirulina is a highly nourishing sea green that can help boost both yours and your pets health. Nature’s multi vitamin is not only essential for any practicing vegan, it can be great for your pets as well. Cats are particularly attracted to Spirulina and dogs enjoy it two. Giving your pet Spirulina daily a fantastic way to keep your pet’s immune system strong and healthy.

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Still Having A Hard Time With The Meat Thing?

Perhaps you shouldn’t own a dog or cat. With all due respect, choosing a vegan-friendly pet may be the answer for you if you can’t get past your pet eating meat. Rabbits and guinea pigs make great pets for vegans. Fish are also excellent pets to own. Fish are low maintenance and very calming to watch. Fish are also relatively easy to care for. What is more some varieties of fish do really well on veggie/spirulina flakes as a main source of their diet.

If you do remain a dog or cat owner despite your aversion to meat it’s important to do the right thing by them. As an environmental and health conscious vegan you should want your pet to have the diet that nourishes them the way your diet nourishes you. Dogs and cats don’t get the choice to be omnivorous like humans, as it is hard-wired in their nature to crave meat.