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No, Asparagus Doesn’t Worsen Cancer

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Nutrition is an important factor in boosting and maintaining immune system health. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown in studies to be a preventative of cancer. This is why it's shocking that the most healing of all non-cancer foods - asparagus, has come under attack.


An absurd interpretation of a study published in the Journal Nature, has pegged asparagus -- one of all the most alkalizing, potent and nourishing anti-cancer foods on the planet, as an instigator of cancer. The study was done on mice and came on the heels of another not so shocking study about chemotherapy causing cancer to spread.

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Asparagus Known To Have Miraculous Healing Properties

Asparagus has always been an amazing healing food. Health expert, Anthony William, NY Times Best Selling Author of the Book, Medical Medium: Life-Changing Foods has applauded asparagus as a potent anti-viral and anti-cancer food. According to William, it is more than safe for cancer patients to eat asparagus–in fact, they should be juicing it and drinking it raw.

“Asparagus contains phytochemical compounds such as chlorophyll and lutein that act as critical organ cleansers. They get deep into organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys, scrubbing out the toxins they find there. Chlorophyll bonded to amino acids such as glutamine, threonine, and serine provides an avenue for heavy metal detox. What’s more, some of the phytochemicals found in asparagus are toxin inhibitors (a fact as yet unknown to science). This means that once toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals have been driven out of the organs, these specialized phytochemicals stay behind and repel new toxins from taking up residence there. This toxin inhibition makes asparagus an amazing tool for battling virtually every variety of cancer.

William goes on to say that asparagine helps with more than just cancer.

“Asparagus” also contains a compound called asparagine, which is a natural diuretic that breaks up oxalic and uric acid crystals stored in muscles and in the kidneys and eliminates them through the urine. This natural diuretic is helpful in reducing water retention, bloating, and swelling in the body. Asparagus is also high in glutathione which is an antioxidant powerhouse and particularly beneficial for those suffering from autoimmune conditions, liver disease, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.”

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First-hand testimony About The Effects Of Asparagus on Cancer

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Here is a first-hand account from Sherry0704, a member of the Cancer Survivor’s Network forum on the American Cancer Society’s website. She has written about her amazing experience with asparagus for healing cancer:

“I would like to say to everyone here inquiring or commenting on the asparagus cure for cancer. My father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer in May or 2010 and given 6 months to live by one doctor. He asked me to find him another doctor, which we did. The new doctor told him he did not believe the cancer was as bad as was first told to him but wanted to do his own scans anyway. My father-in-law did the scan and when the doctor got the results back, he called him and told him to come back in that same week, that it was worse than he thought. He told my father-in-law that he was going to treat him with the chemo pill - he also told him that this pill would not CURE his cancer, but rather, put a shield around it to stop it from spreading thereby giving him a longer lifespan. He started on the pills at the end of June, by the end of July we thought the chemo was going to kill him. We decided that his quality of life would far out way whatever time he had left, so he stopped the chemo. In the meantime, his sister had sent him an article about asparagus helping cure cancer. He had us get him some canned asparagus and he started taking this every day. In September he went back for another scan and then that same week went to see the doctor. When he looked at the new scan, comparing the first one with it - side by side - he couldn't believe what he was looking at!! The cancer was 97% gone! He had another scan and a doctor visit in December of 2010 and the cancer was 100% gone. He has been cancer free since that time. He was going every 3 months the first part of 2011 and then by June when he was still cancer free, they moved him to every 6 months. He went for his latest checkup in November of 2011 and is still doing good. Please let me add that he was 83 years old when he was diagnosed. I don't know if it was all God's hand, a combination of chemo and asparagus and God or what it was, but I have to say that I am a believer. If you are looking at a grim outcome anyway, what can it hurt and if it truly cures, then that is a BIG plus.”

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Asparagine Isn’t Only In Asparagus

Among all of the plant-based fruits and vegetables that are protective against cancer, asparagus should be revered as a major contender. Asparagine, the chemical compound in question, is truly all around us. In fact, humans produce asparagine naturally in the body. What is more, asparagine is found in many other foods besides asparagus, including potatoes, nuts, legumes, seeds, soy and even whole grains. Asparagine also shows up in animal protein-rich foods like dairy, beef, poultry, eggs, fish and other seafood.

While there's no one food that will beat cancer, researchers agree there’s way more research to be done on asparagine as an instigator of cancer and reminds us “there is no evidence that restricting certain foods can help fight cancer.” That being said, I put my money on asparagus.